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Would love to hear about supplements veganists and vegetarians take. By category would be even better such as:
-omega 3s

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    Posted by tulip at 06/05/12 19:57:06

    I recently discovered a great vegan antioxidant supplement - powbab, they make baobab superfruit chews.

    Came across them at a Green Festival. Super yummy, contains RAW unprocessed fruit (even better!!), and the baobab fruit, which is new to me. Also contains 100% Vitamin C, E and less of Vitamin A. I plan to buy some more when I run out, probably from just saw some of their reviews.

    I also take One a day for women. And have taken it for a few years - not every day...but when I really need it. However, it sometimes doesn't sit well with me, and I am learning that some of the ingredients are not that natural.

    is there a good flax seed one?

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 06/06/12 08:54:34

    Hi Tulip!
    For omega-3 I take DEVA's vegan Omega-3 DHA. It's algae oil "derived from micoalgae grown under sanitary manufacturing conditions." "Clean, safe and free of ocean-borne contaminants" is what it says on the bottle.

    Many people use fish oil for their omega-3's. But stop to think about it. Where do fish get the omegas? From eating algae! Bypass the fish and go straight to the source - the algae. When you do you not only bypass the cruelty of killing fish, you bypass the pollutants like mercury and dioxin that are in the fish. It's a win-win.

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    Posted by Cascadian at 12/04/12 12:51:27

    A good vegan B-12 supplement is the most critical.

    While I enjoy Vega and find similar nutritional powders, bars etc a convenient & easy additions to my diet, they are too expensive & not easily accessible enough for most people.

    Good news! We can easily & inexpensively get everything we need for great health from eating a vegan diet based around whole foods with very minimal supplementation needed.

    Here are a couple of links on this subject:

    - Quick reference chart, with links to more detailed info:

    - B-12 specific & more detailed:

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    Posted by LisaMckeon at 12/04/12 07:06:30

    vega!!! It's pricy, but has everything you are you looking for, plus probiotics, B vitamins, protien,energy boosters like maca.... It was invented by a vegan triathlete. You can get it at some Whole Foods & other health stores, or I love it in a smoothie.

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    Posted by Cascadian at 12/04/12 13:12:29

    Also, here are some good places to order vegan B-12 & other supplements:

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