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I am constantly asked why r u a vegan, where do you get your protein from and like what do you eat. Meat eaters can be so naïve to actually think that us vegans live off carrots.

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    Posted by Martial.Epicurus at 04/23/13 08:34:28

    I have an obese friend that jokes that all I eat is grass and cardboard while she stuffs her face with a sandwich composed of various parts of three different animals...with gravy. Some people can understand red meat but not others. Some people can understand meat but not fish. Very rarely do people get dairy, eggs, honey, gelatin, etc. When I first made the switch I began to wonder if everyone I met was given a script of questions to ask me. I swear I get the exact same questions in the exact same order more often than not.

    Just know that you are not alone.

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    Posted by LostLagoon at 04/23/13 13:19:35

    In certain situations where I am asked about my diet I used to always start with saying that I'm a strict vegetarian. Though, I still end up with the typical egg or cheese options. That's when I say I am vegan. First come the jumps from shock, the stares and lastly the same onslaught of questions. At first I had no problems (I was really excited actually) telling people of what I've learned and where I get everything I need. As time goes on the questions become more tedious and I am becoming tired of repeating the same things over and over. It is also becoming hard to not get feisty because most questions are so silly, like the trapped on an island one. I no longer say I am a strict vegetarian because they will find out regardless. There was no point anyways, despite being teased, bullied and buried in questions I am proud of myself for being who I am.

    So, you aren't alone, lots of us have experienced this. We are well armed with knowledge on our lifestyles. Dealing with ignorance, while maintaining a calming exterior is the next challenge.

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    Posted by MissJenny at 04/23/13 18:18:33

    Not a question per se, but I find it sort of annoying when people treat me as if I can't eat anything. For example, I was at a friend's baby shower, and she seemed concerned about my lack of food choices, saying "oh, you can't eat this, you can't eat that." I could eat those things if I wanted to. I've made a choice not to eat them. There's a difference.

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    Posted by rumpusparable at 04/27/13 19:52:06

    I was enjoying a day with some non-veggie folks and the fact that I was vegan came up in reference to a product we were looking at.

    About an half to full hour later, the hostess is offering me food options and asks me, dead serious, if I can eat fruit.

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    Posted by ColetteyBetty at 04/28/13 00:50:26

    I went to a conference last Friday and had to inform the caterers I am vegan. I was dead excited about what I would get because in the past when I have done this they have gone out of their way to prepare something good. I just got a big massive bowl of salad, with no dressing, with was made up predominantly of cucumber and tomatoes, neither of which I like. The annoying thing was that part of the buffet choice for the non-vegans was vegetable pakora which was probably vegan, but I'm guessing it didn't even cross their mind as they'd already assumed vegans just eat salad...

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    Posted by AndyT at 04/29/13 03:41:37

    Check out the "Defensive Omnivore Bingo" that puts together a lot of all the stupid comments that we hear day in, day out:

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    Posted by Taylor Hill at 05/16/13 20:07:16

    I myself am Vegetarian however I eat Fish and Dairy. I agree though. I got the same kind of questions from people before. I just say I take a lot of vitamins and that seems to keep em quiet. Lol

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    Posted by peaceofpi at 05/20/13 06:35:03

    I get a lot of grief for being vegetarian.
    I've come up with the best answer, for myself to tell people.

    "Because I don't eat death".
    and I will continue to emphasize "dead" and "death" and "not comfortable bringing death into my body".

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    Posted by animal2415 at 05/20/13 22:08:15

    My workmates think I am crazy, but tell me since I became vegan i look great and have a healthy glow - work that out!
    I have been asked "can you eat nuts", "don't worry, we can put some cheese on for you, ok" "why vegan, that's just stupid" - some people are very judgmental and small minded.
    I went to a friend's party last week and she made a huge deal of telling me in front of everyone that she had forgotten to make something for me (that was rather embarrassing), but I just plastered on a huge smile and told her I had just had dinner and spent the night drinking water as I was the designated driver. I was pretty hungry by the time I got home I can tell you :-)

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    Posted by Martial.Epicurus at 05/21/13 06:29:25

    "I myself am Vegetarian however I eat Fish and Dairy."

    Pescetarian. Fish are still considered animals.

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    Posted by DC1346 at 05/21/13 09:00:25

    Have you ever seen the movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding? It was produced in 2002 by Joel Zwick and stars Nia Vardalos, Michael Constantine, and Christina Eleusiniotis.

    There's a scene in this movie that I love. When Ian Miller, played by John Corbett, told Maria Portokalos's Aunt that he didn't eat meat, the aunt threw up her hands and exclaimed, "What do you mean, you don't eat no meat?" In the silence that followed, she smiled and said, "That's okay. I make lamb!"

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    Posted by Ssserica at 05/21/13 18:35:29

    I myself was mostly vegitarian for years before my pregnancy and I want to become a vegan now. I have had people seriously straight faced tell me not eating meat is unhealthy the other insane comment people make is how are you getting protein ?? It's like people really think meat is good for them and the whole thought process behind that is beyond me

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    Posted by WallysButton at 07/24/13 12:52:21

    The best story I have about this was from early on in my relationship with my husband... we were out somewhere with his mother (who is a scientist!) and she wanted to stop for dinner at a local burger place... My husband (then boyfriend) very thoughtfully said "Mom, Katie doesn't eat meat... I don't think there will be anything there for her to eat."
    His mom got very serious, thought really hard, and totally seriously responded saying "oh, that's OK, I'm pretty sure they have chicken too!"
    My jaw almost hit the floor...

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    Posted by alaina616 at 07/25/13 15:18:32

    "but don't you get cravings for meat?'


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