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Tuesday, January 6, 2009
Spiritual ReIncarnation
Lectures since 1993

Like all reincarnation, we have crossed paths many times with each other..everyone in this world.
The one's that you connected with and/or have been involved with are more likely the most recent past life with or had a very strong connection from your past lives.

We reincarnate in many living forms from human, to cow, to twig, to rock, etc.

It takes a while for us to be reincarnated in human forms but because this earth is quite old and have been around for a very long time, we had many times to be reincarnated in human forms a few many times.

However, being an old soul, it means I have been reincarnated in human forms not only many times, but much more times than an average human so basically right after another a few million times.

***Monk update Jan.2009 in Vancouver, BC Canada****************

Monk had pointed out that by practicing a herbivore lifestyle will grant us a higher chance of being reincarnated into human form than any other form especially animal because by eating animal products, you will harbour those animal energy permitting you to reincarnate as that particular animal or animals.

Being a herbivore will reincarnate us more as a piece of grass or vegetable? Highly doubt it as Plant life are in a different plane of energy than human and animal forms.
Plant life is a pre-mature of a full structure of the life tree.
Animals and humans are full fledge top pyramid of life where we have graduated to the top of full growth.
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    Posted by Bronwethiel at 05/01/09 12:27:49

    I don't know about reincarnating as a plant...but I don't think I would mind to reincarnate as a tree. :P

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