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I am new to the vegan lifestyle, and I often see recipes specify soy free.
Is there a downside to using soy products in a vegan diet?

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 06/07/15 04:44:03

    There have been numerous articles in recent years warning about dangers with soy products. At least some of these articles appear to have come from the meat and dairy industries.

    I eat soy products daily, but do avoid those that aren't organic, and even some that claim to be like "Silk".

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    Posted by roger.salty.boy at 06/07/15 18:44:09

    Soy allergies are relatively common (by which I mean around 1 in 200 people), so soy is always listed as an allergen, just like milk products, wheat, fish etc. So it generally just means that the product is safe for people with soy allergies.
    By the way ahimsa32fa- Silken tofu just refers to the texture, not the ingredients. The texture of tofu depends on the processing and to a certain extent, the coagulants used(in silken tofu the curds and whey are not seperated like in firm tofu). No need to avoid it!

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 06/08/15 05:50:06

    I was not referring to "Silken Tofu", but the company "Silk", which makes soy milk and other products.

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    Posted by Adelcrow at 07/02/15 22:50:15

    There's no problems with Soy unless you have an allergy....billions of Asians over thousands of years cant be wrong :o)

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