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We will be spending a month in Europe in June/July, mainly in Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia. As this is the first time we have travelled since becoming vegan, I had planned to take travel packs of soy milk with us but haven't been able to find anything smaller than 1 litre. I know there are soy milk powders, but I wonder whether it might be easiest to just buy long life soy milk in supermarkets as we go. Does anyone know how easy it is to buy in these countries, or if there are any alternative options? With thanks.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 03/13/15 07:45:24

    I would think you would want fresh soy milk, which must be refrigerated. Travel packs must either be pasteurized, irradiated or use preservatives.

    I hope you are seeking soy milk that is organic and not from GMO soybeans.

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    Posted by cherryblossom153 at 03/13/15 23:58:16

    I don't live in these countries but I live in Germany. I don't think you have to worry.. there should be soy milk in most of the stores (at least in Switzerland and Austria). I don't know about Slovenia. In Germany you can buy it in almost every store so I think it's similiar in those 2 countries :)

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    Posted by DavidSJohnston at 03/18/15 04:35:18

    Most European Supermarkets sell soymilk (lots of lactose intolerant folks here!) Also you would be able to get Organic Soy milk in Healthfood stores, which are also abundant!


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    Posted by totor_le_castor at 04/16/15 04:05:19

    There is soy milk (almost always GMO-free) in virtually every supermarket in Europe. You don't have to bring your own.
    There also starting to have other plant-based options like almond and rice in mainstream stores.
    You should be fine.

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