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Hi everybody, I m new here, I m italian and i m writing you because i would like to know your opinion about some vegan shirts i m going to sell

i made a site about veganfashion (it s still in italian language but I hope to translate it soon) and I put my shirts on the site

I already asked in another site and i got some positive and negative feedback but I would like more, I mean, I m vegan only since last march so I m not sure if all vegas would enjoy what I created.
and I just need a feedback before going live

The target at the moment is Italy and maybe they have different taste but just to have a general opinion

please every feedback is welcomed

thnaks a lot here is the link to the shop : and if you want to have a look at the site will be soon in english
Thanks a lot!! :)

Responses (4)

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    Posted by treehugger at 07/14/08 04:17:08

    I like them all except the "Vegan Superior Species".
    It's a bit too arrogant for my liking.

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    Posted by jessica1185 at 07/16/08 09:18:45

    Personally, I wouldn't wear any of them. I just would prefer to be more discrete about my lifestyle. However, I agree that the "Vegan Superior Species" may be a little much.

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    Posted by amy80424 at 07/22/08 15:38:18

    Yes, I agree with the others...I do like the Vegan man though!

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    Posted by beckiemayfield at 07/22/08 18:41:26

    Me personally, not really my style.

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