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Hello! I live in Phoenix, AZ and have been very frustrated by the lack of vegan foods. I have to shop at 4 to 5 different stores every week in order to buy everything my family needs at reasonable prices. So I have decided to create a large scale, full spectrum vegan supermarket! A place where a vegan (or veg curious) shopper can find everything they need in one place- all at reasonable prices. This market will be focused on sustainable living, high quality vegan foods, supporting local growers and small vegan food manufacturer's and everything will be priced affordably. In order to demonstrate to our investors that there is sufficient demand for such a venue, please take a moment to "like" VegCo Market on Facebook.

Any suggestions or comments on how to make this the very best vegan supermarket in the world?

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    Posted by Awakening at 05/13/12 07:21:50

    I don't know how big Phoenix AZ is but you'll probably need a large population to have enough shoppers to keep you in business. That being said, I wish you were starting a store like that in the Ottawa area. I would definitely shop there.

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    Posted by VeganSally at 05/15/12 10:22:56

    You are phenomenal! I wish you were opening it in Chicago, though we are already blessed with many vegan venues.

    As for suggestions, my first thought: location.

    Oh, and a prepared items section. You know, a "Grab & Go" area that has plastic wrapped sandwiches, wraps, maybe a noodle dish, fruit, salads. (This is my favorite thing about Whole Foods.) Even if it's just simple things like a PB&J. I think this would appeal to ppl with busy schedules, students and those who can't or don't like cooking.

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    Posted by HeatherFrancois at 05/15/12 10:26:26

    Thank you for the complement! We plan to have a full service deli and bakery that has a host of prepared foods for people to pick up and eat or take and re-heat. We want to cater to people who love to cook, those that just don't have the time, and everyone in between! We will be located in an area that is close to a few large spiritual communities that are strictly vegan or vegetarian. That area also happens to be central to our city and easily accessible to all urban and suburban residents. We are not as lucky as you Chicagoans- our community is still very underserved in Phoenix.

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    Posted by VeganSally at 05/15/12 18:39:35

    A vegan deli and bakery too?! OMG, it sounds like this truly will be the very best vegan supermarket in the world. A destination in itself. Please let everyone on HappyCow know when u open.

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 05/15/12 18:44:42

    fyi - Whole Foods website says it has a store "in development" in Phoenix. Not sure how that factors in.

    I hope you'll show Whole Foods how it's done. They're not vegan-friendly enough for my liking.

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    Posted by HeatherFrancois at 05/16/12 16:25:28

    Yes, we are hoping to be a haven for current vegans, and a place where those who are vegetarian or veg-curious can learn about the lifestyle. Whole Foods has a few stores in the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area, they are opening a new store several miles from the location we are looking at. However, we do not view them as competition. Our pricing structure is much lower, our selection of vegan foods is significantly larger in scope, and we are very focused on community and buying from small and micro-growers. And of course, we offer an environment completely free of all animal products, which means label reading and sorting through products to determine whether or not a vegan can buy them doesn't have to happen. We respect Whole Foods and what they have done to further the healthy eating movement, but we are a very different type of venue. I am happy to keep everyone updated! You can also keep up with our progress on Facebook

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    Posted by Bibbit at 05/25/12 18:44:46

    I know this sounds crazy, but my mom works at Target and they have a lot of vegetarian/vegan options in the grocery section there! It seems an unlikely place, but I have tried a few of the options, and they are actually pretty good!

    check out my blog!

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