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Hello, I am doing a report for school (regarding opening a vegetarian restaurant) and as part of my report I have to write up and send out a survey. If you are so kind, please fill out this super quick (only 10 questions and it will take about 10 seconds of your time) please follow this link.

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    Posted by Peace ... at 04/13/10 05:03:36

    Encountered some difficulties in answering your survey -

    If it could be more user-friendly and cover more options or areas.

    1. Age group, only gathering info from people up to 30+ of age?

    2. Isn't Q4 and Q6 the same?

    3. Question 2 - besides vegetarian, vegan, there are other like PESCO-VEGETARIAN and FLEXTARIAN or those who go vegetarian on 1st and 15th of Lunar Calendar , meat-eater who go for vegetarian food once a while or for healthy food to lose weight or for health reasons etc ...

    4. Maybe should consider including questions like -

    a. Location (near shopping districts, hotspot etc)

    b. Budget?

    c. Food concept

    d. Vibe or ambiance, important?

    e. What type of food are people look for? Fusion, Western, Asian cuisine, or Buffet or ...

    f. Why do they go to vegetarian or vegan restaurant? Because of vegetarian friends or family member or ...

    g. Do they believe vegetarian food is healthy (not lacking of any nutrients ) without supplements, boring or bland or delicious or interesting ...

    h. Is Baby-friendly (like baby chair etc), kid-friendly (kid menu), handicap-friendly a must?

    i. Is having a good dessert menu or drink menu important?

    j. Membership or privilege card discount available?

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    Posted by emama at 04/21/10 08:37:54

    hey hun, i filled out your survey, but i do have to agree that it may need some changes if you want to know if a resturant will work any where, i kinda felt that the questions asked didnt really go with the out come that you wanted.
    i dont think a vegetarian resturant can survive anywhere, location is soooo important and also what kind of people live in that area too,i know from experience.nothing can grow in the middle of a grease pit =( thats why its really important to reach out and make people aware of the health benifits of being veggie,the more people know the harder it is to ignore!! hope you do well

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    Posted by GoodGreenLife at 04/27/10 10:04:23


    great way to educate our kids on the environment is by doing activities with them!
    i love gardening with my kids, we get our hands dirty and have a great laugh!

    i get most of my projects to do with my kids form
    they have a bunch of different projects to do with your kids, it is mostly aimed at teachers but it works with your little class of 3!

    they also have a bunch of interesting articles on environment related news!

    let me know what you think!
    all the best

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