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What Sandwich chains do you prefer for vegetarian options wherever you are? The one with the most options is Yellow Sub, part of Planet Sub chain in the midwest. Quiznos, JImmy Johns and Subway all have one or two options. In Iowa, Subway doesn't seem to carry the veggie patty sandwich unfortunately.

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    Posted by Mountainmystic at 10/03/17 14:08:50

    I prefer Subway veggie sandwich (no cheese). Also, Whole Foods café has veggie sandwich options also. In Knoxville, Tennessee, great place is Tomato Head (local women-owned business with 2 locations). Great alt hip atmosphere for all age groups. Great vegan sandwiches are the Vegan (marinated tofu), Veggie Burger, and Roger Roger. I support local and corporate chains--everyone has to work somewhere & we all can't get jobs at local small businesses (I am fortunate to mange a small local environmental business, but have worked for corporate businesses), so we have to support each other in this global economy. We are all connected as one world, one people. Live long & prosper! Eat good vegan food and eat often is my mantra. Good day to everyone who read this. It will be a great day. Believe it!

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