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I know you have more important things to do than read about my animal tales (cow, worm and now snake tails!)… But lo, you're a Veg*n, like me, and it's these wondrous little life stories that help to make the sun rise and set with a constant state of awe! Right?

My son cut his thumb today with a machete: Nasty cut requiring stitches. The nurse inquisitive about two dusty and weathered men in her station asked if we had encountered many snakes? I was about to tell her that a worthwhile day was one with a snake encounter, when she proceeded to explain the number of bites admitted this year and the associated costs--$5,000 a vial with an average of seven vials per patient! She was too busy for us to tell her about our neighbor who required more than 20! But, this cost got me thinking more about our society and our connectedness, or lack of, to nature…

How many of you, like me were pushed in school to excel in a subject like math? Or one of many sciences that require years of study but then is infrequently used in everyday life? I made it through two "years" of calculus… Yet, in practicality I rarely require more than determining the discount of a 30% commission for the sale of my fruit! I taught my boys this calculation at about the age of 10... But, how much time was spent learning about walking with the local snakes? Or the "life" cycles of waste products, etc.? I wish I could have interviewed everyone of the snake victims to discover the cause for injury. My neighbor was trying to remove a rattlesnake caught in chicken wire when his puppy came too close and his hand hit the snake while attempting to deter the puppy… I see people, children mostly, move through native brush like it was in their way. I on the other hand have learned to move deliberately after Mid-April… and always reaching slowly in the underbrush when I require something I cannot see completely…

At $35,000 or more per bite, it's no wonder the news about rattlesnakes is always negative! In my business, without exception, all snakes are killed when seen by immigrant workers! This applies to King, Gopher, Racer, Rattlesnakes, and others. It was a sad day for my boy today, and a sad day for snakes too. From now on, any day I see a snake will be even more celebrated!

Peace, gray

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