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Hello, all! I am a newer vegetarian who also runs competitively for her college team (D3, but hey, still serious). Any advice from athletes who are also vegetarian?

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    Posted by LilacHippy at 07/05/16 23:41:24

    Hi, I have been a vegetarian for thirty years and a vegan for about twenty. I have been running for a long time but more seriously in the last five to ten years. I run marathons and win. A plant based diet is optimal for athletic performance. Eat lots of fruit, veggies, beans, legumes, nuts and seeds. Lots of carbs like potatoes, rice and bananas. Good luck. :)

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    Posted by Hannamarie0098 at 08/04/16 19:38:14

    Scott Jurek wrote a book about being a vegan ultrarunner. It's a really good read and includes loads of recipes.

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