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Hi there - noob here looking to replace a product I enjoy with a vegan friendly alternative.

1. Flatout breads - I like these because they're low calorie (90 calories), high fiber and high protein. Unfortunately they contain an offending ingredient. Can anyone suggest a good replacement that meets the same calorie/protein/fiber needs? Is there a good app for that kind of thing?

2. Bread in general - Any good suggestions for brands to purchase that don't contain any animal products? Any good way to tell if what appears to be a vegan friendly menu item actually contains animal products (breads, pits, etc. when out to eat)?

Thanks in advance!

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    Posted by happah10 at 09/19/17 02:31:23

    If you didn't make it you can never truly be sure but seeing as how egg and dairy (the most likely animal products found in bread) are allergens, you can ask your server if something contains egg or dairy "due to allergy concerns" . They typically take you serious when you put it like that.

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