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Has anyone seen the trailer for "Raw For 30 Days"? It's a documentary about six people, who normally eat fast food, who decide to go 100% raw for a month. It features interviews with doctors, experts, and raw foodists including Gabriel Cousens, David Wolfe, and Woody Harrelson.

I am new to raw foods and very interested in hearing from others who are raw foodists and people who are trying to change their lives for the better. Many people in my family have diabetes and I have changed my diet and gone raw to prevent myself from also getting diabetes.

The trailer on Youtube at:

There is also a new two-disc DVD set that is available for order called RAW FOR LIFE, which is a encyclopedia of Raw Food, perfect for beginners like me and Raw Food enthusiasts. I have found it to be very helpful, as I have been transitioning to raw foods. It's about how to live raw, the Raw Food philosophy, why to eat a raw food diet, important medical facts and nutritional information. It's a very practical guide to becoming raw and staying raw.

Visit the Raw For 30 Days site at:

If you want to learn more about raw foods, selected experts from 'Raw For Life' will also participate in "Raw Summit 2: The Mind, Body, Spirit and Business Connection," a series of free 'tele-seminars,' or telephone call-in conferences, covering a range of perspectives on a raw vegan diet as well as cutting-edge health and wellness trends. Interviews will be available by telephone and online via podcast. The summit begins October 29; more information is available at

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    Posted by Her Dotness at 10/30/07 13:00:35

    Raw foodism is not necessarily good for everyone. After a year at 75-80% raw, I decided to go 100%. Two weeks of near-constant diarrhea persuaded me that my M.D. had a point. I need to balance the high-fiber foods I eat with protein and cooked food.

    I dislike the insistence of many raw foodists that every disease known to humankind can be cured by going and staying raw. I'd advise anyone interested in raw foodism to weigh the claims made very carefully.

    Even Gabriel Cousens after years of monitoring patients says that he's not entirely sure that vegan B12 supplementation is effective. And B12 deficiency is not something to take lightly.

    Anyone with serious health problems would be well-advised to work with a health care professional who administers blood tests regularly and can monitor for nutritional deficiencies. This is especially so for anyone with digestive problems that can affect how well your body absorbs nutrients.

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    Posted by pekmez at 10/30/07 21:14:47

    Thats right Her Dotness, there is too much comerials from sombody who posted first. I too so dont like eating raw all the time, i too have diarea, and just feel awfful when im eating just raw vegetebles im mean with bread too, its not stomach forfilling, and all that natural food arent really natural you dont really know what they do to it, so its better sometime to reduce tocksins and stuff by cooking and preapearing, but not too much, and there is many rules for right cooking too. And for your own pleasure food then tastes much better and gives you a satisfaction in eathing, thats a plus for your health dont you think.

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    Posted by Healthy at 11/02/07 09:55:06

    I used to be raw, but it was too hard and expensive to keep my weight on. I think it's great for people who want to lose weight because you certainly will, or as a cleanse, but not for maintenance.

    The key to health is to eat non-processed foods, lay off the white breads and sugar and eat plenty of vegetables and fruits you'll be fine. (Plus exercise, have lots of love in your life and hopefully a job you look forward to).

    Nothing wrong with some spelt bread, brown rice, grilled vegetables ...

    Not to mention if you're not so militant about what you eat, it's much easier to socialize. Alienating yourself from people isn't a good thing. You can get a vegan meal almost anywhere (unlike raw, unless you like iceberg lettuce salads and waxed tomatoes -- I know I don't!)

    A few times a month I'll even treat myself to fries because this place I go to cooks them in vegetable oil. I'll just bring my agave ketchup with me :)

    It's wonderful to eat vegan and not stress out over food anymore like I did when I was a raw foodist.

    I added cooked foods back into my diet two years ago and I still reap all the benefits raw foodists claim they have: bright eyes, flat stomach, shiny hair, lots of energy, etc.

    Cooked food is not the enemy (nor are fats and carbs). Chemicals, processed foods and preservatives are the true enemy.

    Enjoy your food. LIVE :)

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