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What are your thoughts on this quorn stuff? It is basically a mock-meat that is made of fungi or something. I have eaten it twice only and it tasted pretty good, and is also a good source of protein, but many people tell me that it is not good for you. (Quorn is ovo-lacto vegetarian friendly, it is NOT vegan)

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    Posted by webmaster at 12/16/11 17:37:55

    Heard they're launching the Vegan Quorn Burger... finally! Should be on the market soon! :o)

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    Posted by alaina616 at 01/09/12 12:31:21

    Well if you read the ingredients is full of crap like every other processed food, and it is not organic. Other than tasting good and being an alternative to soy, it doesn't have much merit.

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    Posted by petcrusader at 01/10/12 06:07:33

    We use it quite often, and make everything from sweet and sour chicken with vegetables, to cottage pie and spaghetti bolognese. I've tried others but can't eat soy, so Quorn is okay for me, and I like the taste best. I'm sure there's no nutritional value to it, but that you can get from the food you serve with it. The burgers are already out in Whole Foods.

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    Posted by Tomzie at 04/02/12 12:35:58

    As you pointed out if often contains milk or egg, but actually in the past I loved it. Though I need to prepare it myself otherwise I feel like it's chicken all the time.

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