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Hello everyone,

I have been on and off paleo for 3 years before I realized I hate meat and it makes me feel awful.

I have been 100% vegan for a week now and loving it. I eat 80% fruits, veggies, legumes, grains etc. and 20% fats and snacks type things.

I have a few questions that I haven't seen come up much in the blogs and books I have started to read.

1. What percentage of carbs, protein and fat should I be ideally striving for? I have this odd fear that I will overdo the protein and not get enough fats for example and then I will feel crappy and not want to continue.

2. Is there a significant 'detox' period when first starting a vegan lifestyle? Keep in mind I have been paleo so I have been hearing how awful grains are. I have been breaking out quite substantially and getting odd itchy patches all over my body. Paleo would have me believe this is a reaction to gluten or grains in general. Any opinions?

3. And last for now, can anyone recommend some good you tube videos or documentaries that are not OVERLY graphic. I don't think I can handle anymore of watching those poor animals but I am very interested in the 'science' behind being a vegan.

Thank you in advance!

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    Posted by vtorress23 at 04/16/16 11:12:11

    The first few weeks are always the hardest, but sounds like you're doing great! As for your questions, I have found that a high carb low fat works best for me, which is considered an "80-10-10" as it is 80% carbs 10% protein and 10% fat. This is just a guideline however, and I find myself typically eating a little more fats 15-20% as I love my avocados and tahini!! As for the grains, I am no expert or Doctor but I would say give it another week or so and see if it continues. Maybe try adjusting a few different things around to see if it really is the grains. Maybe try doing gluten free and see if that helps, if not try cutting out the grains and replacing with starchy vegetables like potatoes or sweet potatoes. There usually is a period of time where your body must adjust the the changes, so give your body time to adjust and get used to your new wonderful lifestyle! As for YouTube my favorite channels are Bonnyrebecca (vlogs, what I eat in a day videos, general lifestyle info) and many other channels and videos will come up in the side bar, I found the "what I eat in a day" vegan videos the most helpful when transitioning since they gave me an idea of how to structure my diet. As for documentaries, Forks Over Knives for health, Cowspiracy for the environment (both on Netflix) and on YouTube is a speech by Gary Yourofsky called "best speech you will ever hear" which is excellent! Good luck!

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    Posted by Thalassa4 at 04/18/16 17:55:43

    Hi! In my personal experience with transitioning to vegan, I was lacto vegetarian, so didn't have an extreme transition from paleo - like, I don't want meat near me and think it's disgusting - but since you did paleo, you're obviously over dairy, so that's a point that will work in your favor!

    I don't count carbs or fat, I think vegans who feel deprived or lethargic probably aren't getting enough fat because they're trying too hard to be low fat - but that really cuts into necessary calories, plus fat is necessary for nerve and brain health, and a nice balance will make your meals more satisfying. I'm not saying to dump Just Mayo on everything, but to include nuts, seeds, avacado etc even if you do less or no oil - I personally do use oil, I'm in my 30s and don't have a heart condition or anything.

    Nut "cheeses" and things like sesame tahini dressing or hummus with olive oil naturally provide a little protein and fat, but at least once a day I want to eat tofu, seitan, beans, or mock meats to get a real heavier protein meal that is satisfying. I'm a little bit of a foodie, so things like satisfying cooked meals are important to me.

    However, you need not over stress protein even if you are eating quinoa pasta with sauce, you are getting protein. I think the things that might make you feel lethargic or worse is over-relying on simple starches all day long, like cold cereal in the morning followed by peanut butter on white bread with some chips, and pasta for dinner is less balanced, so try to avoid that as a vegan, though it's OK once and a while or if you are broke. But eating that way daily will probably not leave you very energetic, or satisfied. There's nothing wrong with any of those foods individually, I just mean mix it up with beans or tofu and real veggies and fruits, and heavier meals.

    If you are trying to avoid gluten, rice quinoa and potatoes are good options and you can buy gluten free bread, cereal and pizza crusts. Like oatmeal and flax as a cereal is gluten free, for example.

    Paleo is pseudo-science, it's been voted worst or second worst American diet for health two years in a row by a panel of physicians, you can easily find articles online which will dispel your beliefs about paleo. I mean just look at the guy who started it, he doesn't look that healthy or fit to me after years of being on his own diet.

    The best thing about paleo is the stress on whole foods, which is something you can happily carry into vegan dietary lifestyle.

    I second Forks Over Knives, and Cowspiracy.

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    Posted by anahidscv at 04/21/16 16:33:50

    The beauty about being vegan is that you don't need to count calories, carbs and etc. Just eat a well balanced diet and BELIEVE me you don't lack the protein if you are consuming everything you need to. Drink up a protein shake in the mornings and you will be just fine. I eat a lot of bread, pastas, potatoes, vegetable, grains, just about everything. I have not put on one pound and I dont count anything or diet.

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    Posted by SalesThruSmiles at 04/25/16 11:29:56

    Read How Not To Die by Dr Michael Greger and also look at his website which also has a youtube page. Also books by Dr Neil Barnard. Look at Freelee the Banana Girl on youtube for an interesting viewpoint. Also Bite Size vegan on youtube.

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    Posted by SalesThruSmiles at 04/25/16 11:31:31

    Paleo was a terrible and dangerous thing put out by pseudo "professionals' paid off by the meat and dairy industries.

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