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Hello, my name is Laura, i'm 17 years old and i'm from Barcelona, Spain. I'm vegetarian since I was little, and i want to be vegan. At school I have to do a research work this year, and mine is a comparison of the vegetarian, vegan and non-vegetarian diet to determine which one is healthier. For this I would need that vegetarian and vegan people write down everything they eat during a week and the reason or reasons why they follow a vegetarian or vegan diet. If someone wants to do it and help me please tell me. Thank you.

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    Posted by abry7934 at 08/11/15 16:07:56

    Hello Laura,
    My name is Andrew Bryner and I'm a 16 year old vegan. I started a vegan lifestyle about a month ago. I have been starting to make changes in my lifestyle more towards veganism for the past year or so. I started going towards veganism because of one simple thing. I HATE MEAT!!!

    Seriously meat isn't tasty at all it's the *saturated* fat that makes it tasty and the spices. I don't want a heart attack, sugar spices and salt are all vegan, and I hate the taste of plain white chicken breasts or "lean" cut steak. So why eat that when I can eat the tasty stuff that has more nutrients. Also fat makes me sick. I have next to no tolerance for large quantities of fat. So that's why I went vegan it tastes better, is healthier, and contains no saturated fat or cholesterol.

    So I'ld be happy be a part of your experiment I'll be eating a non-calory restrictive diet(eating until I'm full) following an 80/10/10 lifestyle(mostly carbohydrates). I'm also low sodium but that has nothing to do with veganism. I'm currently on Chronometer which is a website that you can put in the food you eat and it calculates the calories and nutrients you got from the food. It then measures everything based on your the biometrics you put into the system and you can see how your doing nutritionally. You can also put in physical activity you do and it will calculate how many more calories you need for that day. It's not perfect but it fairly accurate and is shareable so I could send you my nutrition info at the end of the day. Please respond if your interested.

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    Posted by LauraSerrano at 08/13/15 01:52:46

    Hello Andrew,
    it would be great if you could send me your nutrition info. If you want you can send it to my email:
    Thank you!

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