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As a vegan, I always felt it was important that I supported small companies that were fully vegan rather than purchasing from large corporations that have begun offering vegan products because they realize there is a market for it. While I do think there has to be a balance because more vegan options from large companies that have a large reach help our cause overall, would you purchase from a solely vegan company if able to?

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    Posted by happah10 at 09/05/17 00:32:36

    I used to feel the same way then breyers came out with vegan cookies and cream. I guess if there's a small vegan option then yes of course. But how often does that happen in processed foods? Hampton Creek foods is supposedly vegan but i lost trust in that company.

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    Posted by Coutlernile at 09/08/17 07:43:39

    Yes, I buy from them. But not all the time. However, I always prefer to buy vegan products from an online shop not going to market or anything like this. Does anyone tried "Ardent Vegan Products" yet? I am using this over 3 months. Overall it looks good and works fine so far.

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    Posted by ForestNymph at 10/01/17 07:26:04

    I prefer to buy from either local businesses or strictly vegan companies. Local businesses aren't always completely vegan, but I feel better buying their vegan products than one by a megacorp. And of course many "products" I use that are processed in any way (vegan cheese is a great example) are only going to be sold by an exclusively vegan company anyway, so there is no "big business" option (unless you count Daiya or Silk which are much bigger than most vegan companies).

    If it comes to vegan mayo, I'm always going to opt for either Hampton Creek or Follow Your Heart, because I'm super angry at Hellman's for trying to drive Hampton Creek out of business, and I won't give them my business because 1) there are other options and 2) I especially despise them as a company.

    My main weakness is restaurants - like getting a veganized burrito at Taco Bell (something I haven't had in months but I used to do it all the time!) or choosing the vegan option at any place that sells meat.

    It really depends on how you look at it. If you're very libertarian or very socialist (either of the two poles) you probably will hate big corporations so much that you won't see any value in trying to change them from within. But people with more centrist capitalist politics - Republican or Democrat - seem to think that the only way to "change the system" is to encourage huge companies to change their ways, to encourage them to sell more vegan products via supply and demand.

    One of the things I noticed about Taco Bell, though, after they got that award from the American Vegetarian Association for all their vegan and veg options, they had a couple of specials that appeared to emphasize double meat or something, which gave me pause - we can't really change these companies from within. They're just going to put extra bacon on someone else's sandwich.

    So I go company by company now. I think Chipotle is more ethical than Taco Bell, but a local vegetarian restaurant is more ethical than Chipotle. I think of it in those terms and only give business to bigger companies much more sparingly these days.

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