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This week, it was all about vegan for me at work. Eating vegan food to support doesn't suffice your efforts. You need to promote veganism to make world a better place. Therefore, I researched a lot and found out few things about veganism before showing off my expertise. I would invite every forum members to bring in their ideas of promoting veganism across the globe. Would love to learn and share new ideas from every folk out here.



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    Posted by Robinwomb at 09/01/15 03:10:26

    Lots of ways to promote veganism! I wear all kinds of vegan t shirts to the gym, when cycling outside, when I go to the bookstore and coffee shops. I used to volunteer with Vegan Outreach and leafleted all the local colleges and high schools in my area. I even worked with a vice principal to arrange for staff at one high school to announce vegan educational materials from Vegan Outreach being available in their front office for students to take, and they kept tabs on how many were taken. I picked up what was leftover after one month and thanked them for their efforts. Over two hundred were taken! Yeah for Proctor High School for being so progressive with educating students!

    Lets see. Promote vegan products at grocery stores! If something isn't available where you live or at a store you frequent, ask for it! I did this twice at two different stores. One did not have SoDelicious coconut milk yogurts, only dairy yogurt. So I filled out a form at the information desk requesting it be added to the shelves. Within a month it was there! Another time at another store I requested a brand of Tempeh. I got tired of traveling fifteen miles to the nearest store that carries tempeh. So I asked my neighborhood store to carry it and they complied! The more we promote and speak up for vegan friendly foods in stores, the more we introduce plant based eating and alternatives there!

    Bring your vegan magazines and old cookbooks to waiting rooms at medical offices/clinics/hospitals. Donate them to your local fitness center, laundromat, library. If these places require that you ask first, then please do. Bring vegan leaflets to places like The Humane Society or progressive whole foods coops. Often they will cooperate in displaying them or distributing them.

    Make some awesome vegan dishes and bring them to potlucks at work, church, and other community events. Invite friends and family to plant based cooking classes at Whole Foods coops. Have a vegan bake sale in your yard or at your yard sale to raise money for something. Have vegan literature available too.

    Take care of yourself and be as healthy and compassionate as you can.

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