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Hi all, i am brand new here and i thought i would share my frustrations and possibly seek advice.

I’ve attempted to go vegetarian in the past and it seemed to be going well aside from my inability to get enough protein to make my body happy and a lack of variety of recipes i felt could be staples in my repertoire.

I’m somewhat lactose intolerant and can only handle lactose-free dairy products and (actual) greek yogurt. I’m not a fan of any of the alternatives to milk aside from Ripple, but have found that pea-based protein causes my stomach major bloat and gas so that’s out. I hate lentils with a raging passion (i have tried to love them. REALLY tried. We aren't going to be friends). I can’t really eat a lot of beans because again, severe gas and bloating. Tofu and soy-based products worry me because my sister had breast cancer at 32 and i am close to her age, so I am at a higher risk and don’t want to overload my diet with soy everything. I also don’t want to eat a bunch of highly processed fake meat because i currently eat almost no processed food and would prefer not to start.

I’m willing to keep fish in my life and be a lacto-ovo-pescatarian but I’m really pretty horrified by the industrial farming of animals and you just can’t find lactose-free products from small local farms that treat their animals well. I can get eggs from neighbors with happy backyard chickens so that isn’t an issue for me. Fish can be a touchy subject and i haven’t quite done the research on farm vs wild caught yet so I’m looking into that.

Something else i have struggled with has been the plethora of vegetarian recipes that are either loaded with dairy or lentils or beans or peas or have spices and flavor bases i just cannot get behind. The second I see aromatics, i can’t do it. No fennel, no anise, no coriander, no cardamom. I have a very strong aversion that i have tried to overcome and can’t. I can’t even drink IPAs or earl grey tea.

Anyone have words for me? I have a feeling i am waaaay overthinking this or perhaps there are tips/tricks i don’t know. Give me all your wisdoms! Thanks!

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    Posted by marlicious at 02/17/18 08:05:07

    You could try protein powders made from rice or seeds.

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    Posted by Mountainmystic at 02/17/18 15:19:51

    BeepBear--given the list of foods you can't eat. Try oatmeal, millet, brown rice, barley, peanut butter, almond butter, and cashew butter for protein. 100% whole wheat or whole grain bread is good. Also quinoa is a great superfood.

    I eat tofu and soy all the time. I don't buy into the negative publicity about it. Follow the money trail and see who is promoting anti-soy. There's an old saying from the 60's & 70's culture, don't drink the kool aid. Meaning don't listen to everything in the mainstream media that's being fed to us. Listen to what your body needs that is healthy. I read a lot and then make my own decisions on how foods work with my body.

    You indicated you are not a fan of non-dairy milk. I put almond or cashew milk and fresh fruit on my cereal and it tastes good. It all blends together. Try juicing vegetables and fruits. That's a lot easier for your body to digest and less, stress in your body, with result of an energy boost for you. Good luck and just go with the vegetarian flow. Let us know how you are doing in a week, a month. Feedback helps all of us.

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    Posted by VeggieNovelist at 03/06/18 17:36:20

    I definitely see why protein has proved so challenging for you. Although I eat most of the things you just mentioned, I've also had to struggle to get enough protein. Being into weight lifting, my protein needs are right around 150g a day. So everything in my diet is focused around protein and calories. Now I know every blogger tells you to visit their site, but seriously, if there's one thing I have in my diet, it's protein. Here's the web address: .(Just two example recipes I think you could use: Socca & Parfait)

    Some high-protein foods you didn't mention are:
    - Split Peas (If they don't give you the same reaction as the powder)
    - Chick Pea Flour
    - Nuts( esp. Almonds, Walnuts)
    - Leafy Greens
    - Grains
    Combined with the other things you can eat, you should still have a good selection of protein in your diet. Besides, unless you have a need for above-average protein intake, the average person does not require an excessive amount of protein. By just combining the foods mentioned above into a normal diet, you'll hit your protein needs.

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    Posted by ForestNymph at 03/11/18 04:25:41

    I'm sorry but the soy thing has nothing to do with your sister's breast cancer. My mom isn't even vegan and she switched to soy milk from dairy over 15 years ago and she no longer gets benign cysts in her breasts and has great pap results. My grandmother died of breast cancer at 39 and from all accounts I've studied, soy actually DECREASES your risk significantly. Just stick to non-GMO soy and there you go, if you have worries about GMO-related cancers.

    Ezekiel Bread is a complete protein by itself, and Amy's makes a delicious veggie burger from walnuts, grains and mushrooms - look for it in the freezer section, it's called Amy's California Veggie Burger.

    You really should try looking at nuts, seeds, and nut butters. Try falafel (or make your own if you have aversions to certain spices). Sesame tahini can be used to make dips and sauces, or you can blend your own homemade hummus.

    If you still eat eggs as an ovo vegetarian, I don't understand why you think you need fish. Eggs should be giving you plenty of protein if you eat them several times per week. If you are worried about Omega 3s start incorporating flax seeds, flax oil or more walnuts into your diet. You can also get supplements in veggie capsules made with sea algae.

    I really like hemp milk to be honest. Hemp is a miracle food, in terms of sustainability, protein and yes, it also contains Omega 3s. Hemp milk is a dollar or two more than a carton of soy milk or rice milk, but I don't think it's any more expensive than Ripple.

    I have a vegan acquaintance who has digestive issues so she uses a vegan protein powder in a green smoothie nearly every day.

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    Posted by VipulSodha at 04/04/18 13:44:56

    Since you are intolerant to certain foods, you can try including Chia Seeds to your Fruit smoothies or bowls, incude quinoa and sun dried tomatoes (use it to make burger as well), add more of spinach in your stir fried vegetables, these are few options that you can consider taking up in your diet for protein. Also, theres one thing that you should give a try given the restrictions in your diet- start with Vegan protein powders. Ace blend is a plant based vegan protein powder which act like a meal replacement too. You can include that in your daily diet.

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