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Hi, I'm new here so please excuse me if you feel this is a stupid question, I've been vegan since January this year and since then I've brought nothing into our home which has caused any animal harm or suffering. My question though is this, I hesitate to call myself vegan because I do still own things which aren't vegan, my favourite leather boots for example which I've owned for over a decade, does that stop me from being vegan?

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    Posted by Unnamed Narrator at 05/27/15 16:12:44

    Try to focus less on the labels and more on your current footprint and the impact that your cureent choices are making.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 05/29/15 09:21:30

    No need to feel guilty. I still own and use a knife sharpener with a leather holder that was given to me in 1975!

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    Posted by Megski at 05/30/15 23:31:46

    Thank you Unnamed Narrator, and ahimsa32fa for your kind response.

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    Posted by Unnamed Narrator at 06/10/15 15:12:55

    However, I would advise against climbing up on the soapbox in those leather boots XD.

    Best wishes.

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    Posted by Megski at 06/11/15 15:44:05

    LoL, I'll bear that in mind Unnamed Narrator,
    I've not worn them since I moved here, but I'm going back to the UK for a visit, waterproof boots are always a good idea over there !

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    Posted by Mick Flynn at 06/13/15 20:30:51

    I've found through my years of vegan/veg/omnivore and back, that you don't need to call yourself anything. Just do what you do. That's the only important thing.

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    Posted by AndyT at 06/30/15 23:42:46

    There are different views on this ...

    one group of people is afraid that using non-vegan items might perpetuate the impression that those are ok to use.

    Another group graphically claims that throwing away old animal products would be akin to pi**ing on the animal's grave, after it had to die for your use of the product.

    I personally would be ok with using non-vegan items from the time before I went vegan - for example, I also kept some warm leather boots for the winter - but I find that I am not wearing them, as they disgust me and I do not want to touch them. I wear my "Vegetarian Shoes" Airseal boots with extra socks instead ....
    So what to do....maybe give the stuff to a collection or second-hand-shop.

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    Posted by Thunderbeest at 07/02/15 16:50:40

    Being someone that became mainly vegan for environmental reasons: throwing away clothes to buy new clothes is always a bad idea, you are supporting even more consumerism with this.
    On the other hand I can see that people do not want to be associated to leather any longer but please give those items to friends or second hand shops instead of throwing them out.
    I myself own an old leather jacket, down sleeping bag, wool underwear and these kind of things and I still wear them because I am again consumerism.

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