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Book review: Pets have souls by Jenny Smedley. Published by Hayhouse.

"Do our pets have souls? Jenny Smedley's work with people and their pets has led to the conclusion that they not only do, but that they also have the capacity to help, heal and be reborn. Full of true stories from owners, this book explains all about pets who revisit their owners after death; pet messengers who bring back news of passed loved ones; psychic pets and how to communicate with your pet's soul."

Animals have souls - a very important and far reaching truth with perhaps for some people uncomfortable implications. Like who I hear you say? People who make a living out of slitting animal's throats in slaughterhouses...People who boil crabs and lobsters alive...People who torture animals in vivisection experiments...People who rip animals apart with packs of dogs or blast them to kingdom come in the name of "sport" etc. etc. And if animals have souls, as they do, then it certainly puts meat eating in a very different light...

Highly recommended.

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    Posted by Electric at 07/14/09 01:16:04

    Of course they have souls, all living things have souls, that's why they are living/alive :)

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    Posted by Kittie at 07/27/09 04:24:34

    Sounds like a great book!

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    Posted by dannie1128 at 08/12/09 11:03:25

    I'll try finding it next time I go to the library!

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    Posted by Liv_Jackson at 12/22/09 14:44:43

    I believe Animals hav feelings, the hav great understanding and knowledge. But Animals do not hav souls. That's what seperates Humans from other animals, We r the only ones w/ souls.

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    Posted by Dr. Avery at 01/05/10 09:30:54

    There is no such thing as a soul.

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