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So I didn't stop eating meat and certain animal products due to taste and am sure that's the case with many of you.....I would like to open my own veggie/vegan food van with dishes that are meat substitutes including 'pulled pork' burgers, 'fried chicken' 'cheesy meat nachos' etc offering both veggie and vegan options. I know I haven't given much detail but this is part of my research to see if this would appeal to veggies and vegans. If you could give me your opinions on whether this would be something you would want to buy and eat? What would you like to see on a menu? Any input would be very much appreciated! Thank you for your time x

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    Posted by happah10 at 10/14/17 01:23:45

    Not just vegan but healthy is what I would be interested in. Emphasis on vegetables and whole foods not just mock meats. Those we can get in any freezer section nowadays. Problem is healthy isn't real profitable in the restaurant business so what i would seek in a food vendor shouldn't be construed as business advice.

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    Posted by Mountainmystic at 10/14/17 01:46:27

    JJess--When I'm eating out, I prefer fresh food in a restaurant. If I'm out in the city or at a festival, I am seeking out vegan or if I have to, vegetarian items. I will eat meat substitutes as you call them. It's easy to eat and tastes OK.

    Look up It's a food truck in Knoxville, Tennessee, specializing in what you might envision. It does well because Knoxville is a college town, has a population of people who are opening to new trends, and has many people moving in from around the United States. Tennessee is one of the bottom states in health, so I'm happy to see people trying to eat healthier. The meat substitutes are more appealing to meat eaters also. You can convert a few to veganism. Best wishes for success whichever way you decide to go with your business ideas. It takes a lot of money up front and a commitment, and you have to offer something new and exciting. Get on social media of course. Get reviews in local newspaper. Think it through before you do it.

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    Posted by Mountainmystic at 10/14/17 13:49:47

    Veggie dogs, veggie burgers, TVP tacos, Portobello mushroom sandwiches, veggie wraps. Fruit smoothies, wheat grass and other veggie juices.

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    Posted by ForestNymph at 11/26/17 03:53:30

    Of course it would. It's one of the reasons there are more vegans in major cities in states like California - we have vegan food trucks, vegan soul food restaurants, vegan Japanese, vegan Thai, vegan Indian, vegan pizza options, vegan Ethiopian, vegan fact the things you're describing sound somewhat like vegan Cuban options, like vegan picadillo on nachos or plantains, Cuban vegan "pork" sandwiches, etc.

    There's definitely a market for it by all means. You'll see purists who are like "I only eat whole foods when I go out" but those people have already been vegan for 17 years, or were naturally inclined to health food from the very start. New vegans are lured in by foods which seem culturally familiar, and even people who have been vegan for a while like comfort food.

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    Posted by ForestNymph at 11/26/17 04:30:06

    In fact you might want to look into the history of By Chloe. Chef Chloe originally invented things like her own vegan cupcakes and beet ketchup in her studio apartment where she slept on the couch and kept her experiments in a normal refrigerator or freezer and on the window sill!

    I know Chef Chloe recently got bought out of her own restaurant, but her story is still inspiring - she created a bunch of familiar vegan foods - my favorite by far is her meatball pesto sub with french fries and beet ketchup - and started very small. Of course she went to culinary school, but she's still very inspiring.

    A lot of chain restaurants we take for granted now or vegetarian or vegan brands started tiny. Turtle Island Foods i.e. Tofurky only made like 35,000 in profit for the first eight years (of course that was in 1980s money which would be like 70-80,000 today but still) until they created the Tofurky roast. ...Amy's Kitchen literally started in a family kitchen. Clif bars started in a garage I think with two college roommates.

    Sistah's Vegan is a local Humboldt County start-up that began selling her wares at the popular weekly farmer's market, and now she's starting up her own food truck/ van. You can do it!

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