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i m a non veg converting very soon into a vegetarian. Im extremely passionate about food and wants to learn everything related to it. due to the nature of my job, i may not ab able to go for a university for higher education. i was wondering about getting an online nutrition degree. what i wana ask is, would an online nutrition degree help me achieve my vegetarian goals along with getting a decent job? please, i would appreciate a feedback.

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    Posted by Vegeplay2000 at 07/06/09 21:34:01

    What's this 'converting very soon' crap? You were either born a veg or not. There is no nature vs nurture argument here, chump.

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    Posted by Hannah at 07/19/09 01:21:45

    Hey, That is something strange, But not exactly a "crap" as you said Vegeplay. There can be changes in eating preferences so there is nothing like you cannot be veg if you were eating Non-Veg earlier. For Veg, I would recommend, NinjaGreens Organic Supplements available at

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