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Hi there, i just joined as i have recently started a youtube channel about veganism but have no comments, views , likes or subscribers so I'm asking everyone to come and join... if you would be a nice, thoughtful and kind person and do one of these things I would be v grateful to you and you and i can be bffs forever and ever... quick head on over now and start making my channel the most successful and biggest on youtube ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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    Posted by noizyvegan at 02/16/17 21:54:51

    aaaaaaaagggggghhhhhh... i forgot to mention that I am the noizy vegan on youtube... i don't think there are any others but hey just in case I am short, bald and am the world's funniest man... (not that you'd ever guess from my videos!!!) :)

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 02/18/17 16:15:05

    I really, really liked your video called "Religion and Veganism." It was so humble, human, genuine, heart felt, cool, and deeply reaching. Don't go highly professional, keep this imperfect human dimension going on, it really touches people.

    I notice you have a shaved head. I was at a Shiva Temple and the Swami there explained to me that Buddhists have shaved heads, Vaishnavas have a Shikhas and Shivites grow their hair. It may be a past life, but you do appear somewhat Buddhist in your presentation. It may be a key to your past lives and this life.

    I am a vegan Hindu Jain Buddhist, and have met many people who have no idea that the truth of their many incarnations always reveals itself. Some people have shaved heads because they swim in a pool every day, sometimes this is just another interesting way they return to their true nature.

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