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Hi, my partner and I recently went vegan about 3 months ago and we are absolutely loving how healthy, energized and guilt free we feel after every meal.
The only real down side that I've found is that I've been experiencing joint pain. I've always been very thin so I'm no stranger to this but it feels like it has been increasing. I went to my doctor and he blamed it on a plant based diet, so while I'm in the process of finding a new doctor I'd like to know if anyone has any crulity free options? Most of our diet consists of veggies and grains with some fruit, tree nuts and beans (I'm very allergic to peanuts) and we take a B12 suppliment every day

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    Posted by Mountainmystic at 01/23/18 19:37:24

    Andra--Try a vegan based calcium supplement. Also Deva Vegan Vitamins makes a vegan glucosamine msm supplement. I use tumeric supplement pill for joint pain. Also, I just recently got told about trying Devils Claw herb for joint pain. I just take it in capsule form. I've taken for a week now and my joint and muscle pain has diminished. I use tumeric also.

    Also, if you haven't done so since you and your partner went vegan, try doing a whole body detox. Joint and muscle pain can be toxins in your body. They have kits at health food stores. Milk thistle for liver, burdock root and slippery elm bark for digestive system. Just suggestions. See what works for you.

    Also, take a warm bath with epsom salts a few times a week. Helps the body and mind, and it's alone time which every one needs. Best wishes for joint pain relief and a happy vegan lifestyle.

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    Posted by MajaSS at 01/24/18 15:51:16

    Make sure you eat enough leafy greens!
    Hope it gets better soon! Good luck finding a new doctor!

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