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I am searching for input and feedback from the vegetarian community. I am the founder of Jimmy Johns and I have been researching tofu based turkey flavored products as well as smokey flavored tempeh. I have come up with some spectacular new sandwiches based on these products. Im curious to know if you would feel there is a need for very good tasting , superior quality tofu based sandwiches in the market place. Any and all feedback is appreciated. thank you, Jimmy John

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    Posted by kryszrich at 04/15/09 23:32:25

    Hmm. interesting. I am a vegetarian and eat at Jimmy Johns frequently. Been going there since the first restaurant opened in Ann Arbor. Love the vegetarian mainly because the sprouts.

    Now. if you totally came up with a new sandwich and not just throw in tofu or tempeh in the already existing veg sandwich, then maybe it will work out (though just throwing it in may work. it could be an add on for extra charge). as long as the flavors mix well, i don't see a problem. As far as mass reception, most people know what Tofu is...Tempeh on the menu may confuse them. on the other hand, people will diss tofu without ever trying it. If it's superior quality, then i don't see a problem. tofu is prepared in so many different ways--shape, texture (texture makes or breaks tofu), spices--i can't tell you without trying or knowing more.

    I'm not too interested in meat flavored products though, but once again understand since you are trying to appeal to a larger audience--even meat eaters. I do eat tofu mimicking meat here and there.

    If you need to test it, feel free to send it to the Jimmy Johns located at 22171 Michigan Ave. Then again, you know what's best for your business, college towns like Ann Arbor would be the best place to test it.

    p.s. i hate cheap lettuce. been going to Subways more often since more and more of them carry spinach. you have sprouts, they have spinach.

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    Posted by veganinvegas at 04/20/09 11:07:41

    ANYTHING is better than a plain roll with a small sprinkling of lettuce, sprouts, shredded carrots and maybe a limp cucumber. I would LOVE to try something more substantial, especially if its made from one of the flavored tofus. I once had a "tofu sandwich" which was sliced plain unflavored firm tofu and lettuce. UGGH!

    Thanks for thinking of vegans. I rarely eat out because no-one seems to care/understand what I can/can't eat.

    As to location, I am in Las Vegas. I think there are a couple of Jimmy Johns here but as I associate them mainly as a "meat based" sandwich shop, I never go into them.

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    Posted by Tatiana at 04/20/09 13:16:43

    I don't have any Jimmy John's where I live, but I think this is a wonderful idea. I agree that making sure you choose a tasty option is important, not just a bland piece of tofu on a bun.

    You mentioned the smokey tempeh. I love this stuff and use it at home all the time to make "BLT" sandwiches. It is great on its own, or you could use it as an accent on other vegan sandwiches.

    There are a lot of great tofu products out there that are already well flavored and would only need some quick grill time and dressing up to make a wonderful sandwich. If you made your own it is easy to marinate tofu or maybe you could do a BBQ tofu sandwich.

    You may also look into using seitan, which is a very versatile meat sub as well. There are also lots of great vegan sausages out there.

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    Posted by sehansen_92 at 07/05/09 07:57:10

    Yes! I love Jimmy Johns, and a second vegetarian sandwich to the menu would be excellent.

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    Posted by deannaelise at 07/05/09 12:55:37

    That would be great! I've stopped eating at Jimmy John's since starting to eat vegan, and a more vegan-friendly option would be fantastic!

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