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Hello, all...

I am new to the forums and the idea of becoming a vegan/vegetarian (is putting those together considered blasphemy?). Anyway, I have recently attempted to eat nothing but organic, including meat, however, it is a bit difficult to stick to it as I'd like due to the fact I can only spare $200/mo. for groceries each month.

I am hoping some, or all of you, lol, can help me get this issue resolved as best as can be done with my available funds. I am looking for suggestions that can help me round out an organic, vegan/vegetarian (there it is again!) diet plan, ie, sufficient protein, calcium, etc. I am reading info from the site, though only started today and is a bit overwhelming already, any help to get me off on the right, or left, foot will be greatly appreciated......also, I anticipate I may not be able to go to Safeway or King Sooper's to get the best food for this way of life...Thank you all, -Jason.

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 04/02/11 17:41:48

    This post is very, "Me - me - me"! maybe do yourself a real favor & think a little about the effects on your body of continuing to have animal flesh & animal milks continuously passing between your mouth and your anus.

    For US$ 200 per month you can buy a whole lot of juicy fruits, green leaf veggies, whole grains & different types of potatoes.

    Herbs & spices can either be bought or, in many cases, grown at home.
    Then maybe reflect on the word 'meat' that you have used.

    When I see milk & eggs & flesh I reflect on the intense suffering of the animals - I don't see them as items suitable for tossing into my mouth.

    Blasphemy is a silly word to use here.

    My vegan friends have decided to stop torturing animals.

    To me lacto & ovo vegetarians are strangely deeply confused people - they are torturing animals each day & grinning / giggling about it.

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    Posted by hoffmans2 at 04/03/11 22:57:06

    The Vegetarian Resource Group has great Low-Cost Vegan Meal Plans

    All of the menus are under $5/day. That's under $150/month.

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    Posted by Double Dare at 05/08/11 12:04:16

    A vegan diet is dirt cheap as long as you are not obsessed with everything being labelled 'organic' and priced at a premium accordingly.

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