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im 17, and this year for lent i am abstaining from meat. and i need idea on what to eat to prevent myself from getting sick from lack of protein and/or iron

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    Posted by batski at 02/17/10 07:12:16

    Some good vegetable protein sources are:

    - tofu (doesn't taste much in itself but you can marinate it or season it in several different ways)

    - textured soya protein (same thing as with tofu - seasoning plays an important roll)

    - beans and lentills (it may sound dull but you can use them in many different ways)

    - tempeh - originates from Indonesia and is made with soybeans (you either love it or hate it)

    - nuts are usually quite rich in protein (plus minerals and good fat)

    - hemp - some hemp products are good protein sources

    - algae - some algae are rich in protein as well as vitamins and minerals

    Good vegetable sources of iron are:

    - sesame - try using tahina (sesame paste) in your cooking. Sesame is also a very good source of calcium

    - broccoli and other dark green vegetables

    - whole grain foods often contain iron

    Note: Combining vitamin C rich foods with foods that contain iron will boost your body's capacity to absorb the iron. Cooking in iron pans will also contribute to raise your iron intake.

    There are lots of veg recipes on the net. Just google away and let yourself get inspired.

    Here are some links on veg nutrition:

    Good luck!

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    Posted by gr8vegan at 02/17/10 18:35:20

    Protein actually makes you sick in large quantities. There are no taste buds on our tongues for protein or fat, (carnivores have them). We require carbs for survival. Corn, Rice, Potatoes, Grains are the staples of every major lasting society on the planet and provide all the protein you need and require no modifications or supplementation. Protein is made of amino acids, the more ACID you eat the more your body has to PH balance itself resulting in your bones loosing calcium and you urinating them out of your body (some pass painfully as stones).

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    Posted by batski at 02/18/10 01:25:11

    Just came across this text on protein info for vegans here on Happy Cow:

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