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Vegetarianism, and perhaps, veganism are good choices for me, I've found. But what about future generations??

I would be more concerned personally, but as it stands I don't want and am not likely to have children. I am male, so this also means I won't be a child bearer, but what about vegan women who have had children?? What effect does this have on new borns?? And is there anyone out there that has been truly raised vegan or vegetarian??

I just watched an interesting film where a guy form Berlin is a vegan chef, and has been vegan since he was a teenager, but because he was raised with meat and dairy, he still finds he wants to taste the flavours and textures of those foods, so he finds ways to mimic them in soy and other vegan products.

Would someone raised without meat really need those flavours and textures?? I mean why is there so much focus on 'substitution'??
'I can't have meat so I must have something as close as possible to it' - Is this just an effect of us not being able to shake the experiences of our childhood?? Or is it a societal thing, where it is ok to be vegan as long as you pretend like you're a meat eater??

Now, also, I'm really interested in what I call 'big picture thinking'. Take a step back, and another, and keep going, and now I want to talk about evolution. Did we get here, and develop our brains and reasoning and logic skills because we learned to eat red meat, as some suggest?? Are there really some proteins that we can only get as the secondary consumers?? If we stop eating meat then will we stop getting smarter?? What will happen to our evolutionary line in thousands of years??

For those of you who have children, have you ever thought about these things??

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    Posted by melodymixa at 01/07/14 13:15:17

    I should point out, I'm not promoting eating meat and dairy...

    I'm merely stating my concerns and searching for valid answers. And I'm also not trying to suggest ways for you to raise your children, I just really want to know your thoughts about things like this, and how you might address these sorts of arguments.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 01/09/14 08:27:27

    May I suggest a few books?
    "Diet For a New America" by John Robbins
    "Beyond Beef" by Jeremy Rifkin
    "An Unnatural Order" by Jim Mason
    "The Pig Who Sang to the Moon" by Jeffrey Masson
    "The Way We Eat: Why Our Food Choices Matter" by Mason & Singer
    "Intimate Nature" by Linda Hogan, et al
    or my last book,
    "The First ISM: Seeking the Origins of Racism, Sexism & Terrorism" by Don Lutz

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