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Firstly, I apologize. I am apologize to Mother Nature for having played a part in the spilling of the blood of animals. By eating meat, I did not care that the flesh and bones of animals were as sacred as mine. I have been a hypocrite by championing human rights, but drawing an imaginary line between animals and people. I am truly sorry. I do not ask for forgiveness.

Secondly, I will never have anything to do with meat again. I hope that those people that ridicule my decision can both understand the reasons for my decision which I explain in this message, and the true reason for their ridicule.

I feel that I have understood the laws of nature, which rule supreme over us. Blood is red for a reason. Red is the color of danger and we see it all around us, whether as warning signs or instructions for us to stop doing something. Blood is red because it signifies danger and, when it is spilled from an animal or a human, symbolizes that something or someone is in mortal need. The spilling of blood is simply wrong, and to do so is a cardinal sin against Mother Nature. It matters not from whom or what it is spilled.

When I hold food to an animal, it feels hungry and comes to me. When I chase it, it feels scared and runs from me. When I tickle its belly it rolls in delight. When I stroke its head it makes noises of approval. What these tell me is that animals have the same feelings as humans. They want to live as much as I do. They want to be loved as much as I do. They feel hungry as I do. They feel scared as I do. So why should we kill an animal and deprive it of the entitlement of life given to it by Mother Nature, the same entitlement that I hold so dearly for myself?

We were never meant to eat animals, otherwise we would not have had to cook them to make them edible to us.

I think the real reason for people’s ridicule of me is that it reveals their own guilt for eating meat. Nobody likes owning up to guilt, but in the long run there is no choice but to own up and correct yourself. It is never too late. There is nothing worse than doing something that you actually know is wrong.

Finally, I will never forget what I toddler once told me: that you should never eat anything that has a face on it.

Once again, I am sorry.

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    Posted by slightlydelic at 12/24/16 13:05:53

    I'm sure mother nature appreciates your honest and open letter to her. Try not to be affected by those who ridicule you for your choice. You can be certain in this instance that you are in the right. It's as clear as night and day. Some people unfortunately just don't have the ability to see it (I call them the "out of touchers"), whereas others are in denial or feel threatened.

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