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The MSN news site has a misleading headline this week concerning an alzheimers study and trying to connect tofu with this illness. They have left out the most important fact, which is that the tofu consumed in the Indonesian study was treated with formaldehyde, and this may very well be the reason for the resulting dementia. They also neglected to mention whether or how much meat, fish and other harmful foods were being consumed by the study participants. This is another blatant example of misleading and misinformed soy-bashing, which will do nothing but scare people away from soy products and back toward animal products, which are a direct cause of heart disease, heart attack, stroke and cancer in the human body. Please write to MSN and express your concern with their seemingly biased, half-truth reporting. The link for comments is... (here)

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    Posted by louis at 08/16/08 08:52:06

    Hi Tom
    The study is also mentioned here The MSN author has neglected to mention thatthe authors of the study state that it is unclear whether the negative associations between memory and tofu intake are attributable to phytoestrogens or potential toxins.

    The researchers did control for the effects of age, sex, location and intake of other foods.

    Previous studies have demonstrated that isoflavones/phytoestrogens in soy products can interfere with the biosynthesis, secretion and metabolism of thyroid hormone.Interestingly, other studies have documented associations between hypothyroidism, cognitive impairment and dementia. Thus the association between increased soy consumption and worse memory may be attributable to soy interfering with thyroid functioning. I emailed the lead researcher to ask if they plan to look at this and she replied that they are indeed following up this possibility in a follow up study.I agree that the MSN journalist should have given a fuller account of the study; this type of selective reporting happens so often when studies like these are reported in the media and is frustrating as they do often mislead the audience.

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    Posted by gr8vegan at 08/16/08 14:53:10

    I'm all for soy bashing. We're out of control eating it here in the USA. In Japan they eat like 10 grams a week. We do that at breakfast or with one cliff bar.

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    Posted by kindlizard at 08/16/08 23:08:44

    you eat Clif bars?!

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    Posted by Tatiana at 08/18/08 10:56:26

    This is nothing new, studies are misquoted stories on them often very misleading in the media. It is very annoying. I just tell people to take it with a grain of salt and do more research before making a decision one way or another on any of those types of topics on the news.

    gr8vegan - Where did you get this info? There is no way intake is 10 grams per week. I think I'd know, I'm Japanese. Did you maybe be 10 grams per day? The research studies and reviews I can find shows more like 6-11 grams of soy protein per day (that is just the protein amount from within the soy foods themselves, the soy products themselves are more like 65-70 gm).

    However, a lot of Americans do eat much more than this, and a lot more soy protein isolates, which is one of the areas of concern. The short answer is that there is no solid answer yet. A lot more research needs to be done still (I put other info in previous soy posts if you want more info).

    I think it is very important to emphasize that this does not mean to use animal products! There are lots of other food sources out there for protein that are vegan!

    *Any nutrition/medical information given is for informational purposes only and should never replace a visit with your healthcare provider*

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    Posted by Katylynn2000 at 08/18/08 15:26:52

    Soy scares the crap out me!

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    Posted by gr8vegan at 08/20/08 02:19:25

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    Posted by Tatiana at 08/20/08 10:29:58

    Thanks for link, seems we were in agreement, then ^_^

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    Posted by Tom at 08/21/08 11:03:44

    >>tatiana said--studies are misquoted stories on them often very misleading in the media. It is very annoying. I just tell people to take it with a grain of salt and do more research before making a decision one way or another

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