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Attenpting to use a stir-fried meat 'substitute' in a dish, but I'm torn between tofu and tempeh.
Also if there any brands that taste more similar, that'd be helpful.
If it helps, I'm stir-frying it with sauce on a pan.

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    Posted by tsuminyaa at 11/13/16 09:35:38

    IMO seitan is the closest to meat. I haven't yet made seitan myself, but when I buy stuff from the shops and want to impress meat eaters, I always go for seitan. It has the perfect chewyness, unlike tofu. I guess tofu would be good if you'd bake it in the oven, to make most of the moisture come out, but still I wouldn't say that it makes it similar to meat.

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    Posted by BreannaWhite at 11/13/16 16:49:43

    @tsuminyaa Thanks! That helps, and I probably won't be baking any time soon!

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    Posted by ccaatt at 11/30/16 23:10:18

    Hmm...seitan or tempeh definitely have more of the consistency. Tofu can be really satisfying but it takes a little trial and error to start preparing it the way you like. I've stopped expecting it to taste like meat and stopped trying to make it taste that way. I usually press for a little longer than normal and then marinate and bake it. Frying gives it a nice texture/consistency, but then you're eating a lot of oil...kind of takes away from the health factor. When we make stir fry we usually use tofu with a simple soy sauce/garlic chili sauce marinade (sometimes with a little agave too to balance the heat from the chili sauce).

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    Posted by ZacharyCarr at 02/28/17 02:54:41

    I'd go with seitan or firm tofu personally but then again I really dislike tempeh

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 02/28/17 12:58:31


    There are literally hundreds of ways to prepare and serve tempeh. It's probably the best source of vegan protein available. Many folks "really dislike" depends on how you use it.

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    Posted by Veganartistbjt at 03/10/17 23:29:06

    tempeh is the BEST! I love it!! You can find a lot of helpful videos on YouTube!

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 03/11/17 03:43:16

    Do not try to imitate meat.

    Meat is not food.

    Would you like to find out if Tempeh or Tofu tastes like a shoe? Do you eat shoes? No, you do not eat shoes.

    Tempeh tastes like Tempeh and Tofu tastes like Tofu.

    This is how it works.

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    Posted by Robinwomb at 03/12/17 11:07:11

    Nuts like cashews or almonds can also be used in stir fries, and chickpeas hold up well in stir fries too. I like the chewiness of tempeh for stir fries.

    I have actually bought commercial vegan veggie burger patties and cut them up and added them to casseroles and stir fries. In fact, tonight I plan to make vegan fettuccine and homemade mushroom gravy and will add cut up commercial vegan veggie burger patties, some fresh green beans, mushrooms, and onion all combined for a meal.

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    Posted by labtech468 at 03/15/17 02:41:17

    All three (tofu, tempeh, seitan) are delicious if cooked well. I use different ones based on what type of flavor I'm looking for in a dish.

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    Posted by Molly.heinz at 03/23/17 12:58:31

    I agree that it all depends on how you cook them so maybe you should try cooking it using something else but a pan.Three months ago i started to cook seitan in a multicooker so far i'm really satisfied with it, pm me and i will share some recipes with you!

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