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I cut out meat about a month ago and it seems like I have become more sensitive to dairy scince then. I recently had what I called a milkshake hangover. It usually hits the next day gas bloating, stomach cramps, frequent bathroom trips. Has anyone else experienced this after cutting out meat? Just curious.
I have cut out a lot of dairy.

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    Posted by Empoleon at 01/01/15 12:05:57

    I think it would be entirely possible. A few months after I cut out meat I ended up cutting out dairy and eggs originally because it didn't make me feel good and it also smelled and tasted funny, almost sort of 'moldy'. I think when our bodies get used to eating things that are biologically appropriate they become more sensitive to things that aren't.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 01/03/15 10:37:42

    Many believe that consuming dairy products is much worse health-wise than eating meat.

    Taking the milk from cows that should be consumed by calves is illogical, not to mention cruel and unhealthy.

    Milk protein (casein) is a major cause of food allergies.

    The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and Thinkin' Folks Books are good sources of info on the problems with dairy products.

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    Posted by Stephen DeVore at 01/03/15 19:12:10

    Talk to your medical practitioners before making large changes to your diet.

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    Posted by MyGreenDiaries at 01/18/15 16:50:40

    When you say youve cut out meat the real question is what did you replace it with? When I started to cut out meat I did get more bloated because I was eating more veg, fruit and wholegrains. They are all high in fibre and it did make me bloated for a little while until my body got use to the high fibre and I started to feel so much better. If you can try to have lemon and warm water in the morning or lemongrass tea it helps with digestion. I eat very little diary anyway because I'm lactose sensitive. Hope that helps xxx

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