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Has anyone tried Mint Galactica (made by Coconut Bliss)? It is the best mint chocolate chip ice cream I have ever had, but it's totally vegan, made from coconut milk, and sweetened with agave nectar (except for the chocolate in the chips, which I think has a slightly less wholesome sweetener).

Really fantastic. Expensive and hard to find, but so worth it! I am not even a vegan but I would still prefer Mint Galactica over ice cream. It tastes great and you feel so much better after you eat it.


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    Posted by webmaster at 10/30/09 09:08:10

    Thanks for sharing about this Truly. I agree, hands down, it's my favorite ice cream out there! It is really expensive though, so I haven't bought it everyday:-)
    One also might need to like the coconut flavor/texture to really excited about it.

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    Posted by smasheasy at 10/30/09 12:21:39

    If you're in Colorado, near Boulder (and soon it's rumored anywhere along the Front Range of the Rockies) you have GOT to try the Hemp SoftServe at VG Burger! OMG. Amazing (and the burgers are fabulous).

    I'm in New England, and can't wait for the franchise to spread. Seriously! If I could afford to invest I'd be putting one in Harvard Square TODAY.

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    Posted by veggiebird at 10/30/09 13:18:21

    i would disagree. i think purely decadentis mint chip is tastier and still 100% vegan.

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    Posted by IpomeaBliss at 10/30/09 13:55:00

    I haven't had that, but my two favorites are Turtle Island's Purely Decadent soy vegan ice cream, Peanut Butter ZigZag, and Living Harvest's Tempt hemp ice cream line. No soy, dairy etc. So creamy, it is the ultimate in my opinion. It is fairly expensive, but worth every penny and then some. Smooth velvety chocolate, a lime coconut, um, a coffee, a vanilla and one other I forgot. I'm in Asheville, NC. I'm sure any Whole Foods type store, here Earth Fare and GreenLife carry them. Even Ingles has the Purely Decadent line. Oh. we have a local ice cream shop called The Hop. They make their own vegan ice cream, usually two flavors. Amazing every time.

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    Posted by DomSpiral at 11/01/09 06:55:43

    Well, I'll be adding to that - you got to make your way to London's inSpiral Lounge in Camden Town. They launched 13 flavors of entirely vegan, agave sweetened, cashew or coconut based ice creams about 4 months ago and they are soo good. They also cram them full with superfoods so you get like Mint Raw Chocolate Chip with Spirulina and Barley Grass.Or you get wacky flavors like Dandelion Coffee and Amaretto, or Lavender and Purple Corn. Honestly - if you are in the area - come down and check it out! Lots of other vegan treats too!

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    Posted by jodielou at 11/02/09 21:52:17

    Can anyone suggest good vegan ice cream that is sold in Australia? I would love to find a yummy chocolate and/or nutty one. :-)

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