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What kinds of difficulties on a day-to-day basis do you experience as being a vegan?

Do you have any family members who specifically eat vegetarian/vegan and if so what difficulties may you experience with this?

Are you satisfied with meal prep companies such as BlueApron or HelloFresh?

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    Posted by msbaker1989 at 10/02/17 03:41:03

    As a vegan, I would say that it is finding food. In the past I consistently struggled with being able to find healthy food at affordable prices that fit my vegan diet. With limited options, picking the right choices is definitely tough. In addition, in the past my family struggled to cater to my needs as a vegan. My mom mentioned that preparing a meal specifically for me was always a hassle. Dinner with family members that have different diets could definitely be difficult for the person cooking.

    I have heard newer companies like BlueApron only a few weeks ago, so I'm not really familiar with these meal prep companies. Does anyone know how BlueApron/HelloFresh's meals taste and how they cater to vegan needs?

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    Posted by huangj7 at 10/02/17 04:23:26


    I've heard of good reviews from Blue Apron, as they have many different recipes. However, I have heard that meal prep time is extensive and portions may not be substantial. I am not familiar with HelloFresh.

    According to the website on BlueApron, BlueApron only provides vegetarian options for the 2 person plan. It does not exclusively provide vegetarian/vegan needs for a family plan. Do you think that it would be an issue for a family's dietary needs?

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    Posted by msbaker1989 at 10/02/17 05:30:14

    Yes I definitely think that it would. Prepped meals should accommodate all of a family's dietary restrictions. I think that this accommodation would make life so much easier for families with people that are vegan, vegetarian, or have some other dietary restriction. BlueApron should absolutely consider each family member individually and provide the healthiest (and tastiest) option.

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    Posted by Veggacha at 10/06/17 20:16:18

    I think that yes me being vegetarian causes issues in the family, but either way in many families there are people with different diets. For kids usually have to cook differently anyways. So we go with mutual acceptance and yes, I cook like 3 different meals (daddy, kids, me) and of course I'm trying to find some dishes what everyone likes to eat. I cook bigger amounts, so we eat for 2-3 days the same.

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    Posted by happah10 at 10/13/17 02:45:22

    Difficulties on a day to day basis?

    Approaching my two year anniversary being on a vegan diet. Zero cheats and zero desire to go back. Its honestly far more convenient than my diet before.

    I make all my own meals but I did that before.

    There's this myth that being on a vegan is restrictive that many vegans appear to accept. I think that myth is a load of nonsense.

    Now if I was going out to eat on a daily basis, that might be a different story. I go out to eat seldomly but again, it's always been that way.
    I also don't seek acceptance or approval from others about what I eat or don't eat. Although if I could do it over, I wouldn't have told anyone i was "vegan". Not that there's anything wrong with being vegan but its easier just to play the "I don't want to eat that and I'm not going to explain why" card. On the occasions that I have to eat out with others, its easier to just say I don't like that place or that menu item without having the label as a reason to pin blame on you for being difficult to eat out with.

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