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Are they suitable for vegetarians?

I ask this because one facebook post said that the preparation involves the use of grease that is derived from pork lard.

The McDonalds UK website denies it. But I dont see any english faq in the McDonals Korea website. Can any koreans answer this plese?

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 03/18/16 05:49:00


    I worked at McDonald's as a young man in 1962! They used animal fat for deep-frying for many years until recently.

    The last time I ate at McD's was in 1974, when I began to move to vegetarianism.

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    Posted by DavyKOTWF at 03/20/16 15:12:58

    It cannot be healthy, eating those fries, might as not be vegetarian.

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    Posted by phaniraj at 03/20/16 22:34:36

    Ahimsa32fa- Thanks for the information
    DavyKOTWF- Thank you.

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    Posted by phaniraj at 03/20/16 22:39:10

    McDonald UK does not use any animal product according to this news report:

    However, I do not know if the Korean branch follows the same procedure...

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    Posted by phaniraj at 04/10/16 18:43:12

    I recently got reply from McDonalds Seoul regarding this query. A korean friend helped me in this. Here is the message in Korean:
    안녕하세요?파니 고객님, 맥도날드 CS CENTER입니다.
    고객님께서 접수하여 주신 1:1 문의는 잘 받아보았습니다.

    문의 주시어 감사 드립니다.
    후렌치 후라이의 경우 식물성오일을 사용하고 있는점 참조 부탁드립니다.

    맥도날드 이용시 궁금하신 사항이 있으시면 언제든지 문의 주십시오.감사합니다.

    The simple translation is that french fries is suitable for vegetarians.

    Thank God.

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    Posted by WhatDoYouEatThen at 12/31/16 10:28:35

    FWIW last i heard they have beef fat in their ingredients, no matter what they are fried in

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    Posted by ZacharyCarr at 02/28/17 02:38:59

    They use beef flavoring in their fries

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    Posted by Veganartistbjt at 03/10/17 23:31:11

    There is beef flavoring as well as sugar and salt on the fries and they are contributing to animal exploitation on a mass scale

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 03/11/17 03:39:21

    McDevil's started from the Freemasons and Illuminati. Here is a YouTube that explains all:

    "McDonald’s, an Illuminati Outlet, Serves up Some Things that Will Shock and Disgust You!"

    by Event Is Coming Soon.

    McDevil's is one of the biggest, most responsible agents for the burning of the rain forests in South America to raise cattle for their burgers.

    McDevils has tortured and executed billions of animals for their food chain.

    McDevil's pays for lobbyists in DC to get entitlement programs called subsidies without which a burger from them would cost about 50$. We pay for this through taxation. How else could a burger made from beef in South America, flown to processing plants where it is mixed with chemicals and given additives and frozen, can then be shipped to world wide chains to only cost a few dollars with a bun and condiments and lettuce?

    McDevil's pioneered mind programing advertising, like the tobacco corporations, to sell us something unhealthy, brain washing our children, and making their poisonous food an American pastime.

    Do not eat anything from McDevil's!

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 03/11/17 07:00:30

    I have read online that there are vegetarian McDonalds in Mumbai.

    Is there redemption for corporations? For example, can the oil companies find salvation in spite of the wars that have killed millions, the oil spills that have destroyed sacred lands and poisoned animals and the oil rigs that ruin natural beauty?

    By virtue of their Mumbai vegetarian restaurant, McDonalds knows that killing animals for food is unnecessary but they continue to contribute to the senseless slaughter of animals.

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    Posted by labtech468 at 03/15/17 02:43:18

    I know the ones in the U.S. are not vegetarian & McDonald's is a company I'd rather not support, so my vote would be against them either way.

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    Posted by THE_SEEKER at 05/14/17 21:15:24

    I like the experiments that people have done with leaving McCrap's "food" out, including fries, at room temperature for months, (must be years, by now) and it doesn't rot!

    Think what must be in that for it not to spoil over such a length of time.

    Maybe some fries don't have animal products in them, (or maybe not) but why would you want to eat that stuff?

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    Posted by Veg4Life75 at 07/11/17 16:12:58

    Yes they contain beef flavoring....oh how I hate the golden arches!! They're frickin everywhere!

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