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CALLING ALL VEGANS: NOW IS THE TIME TO SHARE YOUR LIFESTYLE! Vegan families: if your family shares a commitment to the protection of animals and a stringent vegan lifestyle, the producers of "American Idol" and the creators of "Wipeout" are looking for you!
In this fun and "info-taining" new series, two families will join forces to compete for a cash prize. If your family is united by a cause, if everyone speaks their minds and want to share their views with the world, this is the opportunity for you!
All outspoken, fun families of four (minimum) who commit to a vegan lifestyle are encouraged to apply. Families must live in the Los Angeles area and be available for filming Oct. 18 - 21, 2013. To apply, email us photos and brief bios of your family at [email protected] and be sure to include your contact information. For more information, go to www.metalflowersmedia.com or www.facebook.com/metalflowersmedia.
Casting is underway - apply now! This is the chance of a lifetime for the right family!!

Web// http://www.metalflowersmedia.com
FB// facebook.com/metalflowersmedia
Twitter// @metalflowers

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    Posted by savetheanimals at 07/30/13 11:21:57

    I can't do it but, I tried to look for the vegan reality tv show because it sounds interesting. I couldn't find it. I hope they actually portray vegans in a positive light because all the reality tv shows seem to try to make everyone look like an idiot. If they do portray vegans in a positive light I think this is a really good thing. If they make it like every other reality tv show ever it is a really bad thing. I really hope they do the right thing for once.


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