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Hi, as a potential convert to veganism, I wondered about others views on the morals of eating line caught fish. At present I eat fish and consider that as fish have been hunted since early on our evolutionary line and a reason for our widespread expansion, there is a strong argument that the consumption of fish is a more natural process than even arable farming which itself can be held responsible the the destruction of vast areas of natural habitat #palm oil.
Thank you.

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    Posted by fleischessenistmord at 01/31/18 15:29:06

    Hi :)

    I am vegan and do not consume any products that have palm oil in it, I think being a vegan involves taking care of our planet too.
    (Like caught) fish feel an immense amount of pain when the are being caught, so no it has never been a natural process and never will be. Also our seas are dangerously overfished and fishing also contributes to the suffering and killing of millions of other sea animals people don't eat, even mammals living in the sea. Turtles and other sea animals get stuck in the fishers/ fishing farms' nets and die. Also every net full they get includes other fish they didn't want to catch and will die on the boat not even being used for food.

    Here also an article about the negative effects on our planet of line caught fishing:

    Hope I could help and good luck becoming vegan, I appreciate your concerns regarding animals and environment and so do they ;)

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    Posted by PickledPepper at 01/31/18 15:51:52

    Hi, thanks for responding - some great points. I do understand the harm industrial nets can cause but the harm caused by intensive arable farming seems just as great. I was talking about line fishing - which would arguably have less impact on nature than the destruction of vast acres of land to create arable land. As we seem unable to live in a self sustainable way - ie small holdings - the moral choice when choosing food is an extremely tough one. Thanks again for your response

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    Posted by verbosity at 02/02/18 01:57:40

    The direct & unsurpassable moral issue involved in killing, is killing.
    Killing an animal to eat their body will never be moral, regardless of any thoughts regarding the environment. The fish is an individual who is born with as much right to life & freedom from harm as we all are.

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