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I'm just wondering if it's "okay" to shoot wild animals? You see: I said I wanted less suffering for animals by going vegan, and someone said that they don't think that's what I'd do, because if we didn't shoot the animals they could've been eaten by someone else and/or suffer a long and painful death, and so we eat them 'because they're already dead'.
(It's just really annoying when people bring up questions like this and I don't know what to answer.)

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    Posted by The Hammer at 07/15/14 00:35:59

    well, you could react by asking the person if he ever watched an undercover video of animals on factory farms. If the person says no, then instantly refuse to talk with him furthermore "until you really watched and see how cows, pigs and chickens are abused, you really don't know anything and it is useless to talk with you."

    Avoid discussions with smart ass people, you can't win. Just use one liners like "you never watched animal cruelty videos so you really have no clue what goes on" and don't try to listen to them, because they don't make sense, they just want to bust your chops.

    If they annoy you, annoy them back with one liners like "did you know that chicken meat is full with bacteria from their feces?" "only babies drink milk", etc.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 07/15/14 06:37:05

    I've read that there was some debate a hundred years ago (and probably much earlier) about whether it was "humane" to shoot the natives of the "Americas". After all, it was argued, they were "heathen savages" and "sub-human". Better for them to be shot than be eaten by a bear!!

    The point is, the view of the "natives" was not considered, much as the view of the non-human animals is rarely considered when we kill them...

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    Posted by StephenS at 07/15/14 18:37:46

    Hmmm, I'm not sure I get the logic of their argument Liva. It seems to me you could make the same argument for any kind of domineering, violent or aggressive behavior. In the end, it is just a justification and a misplacing of blame for something we don't like or feel we can't control in society. But, the fact is, we can choose at what level we participate in injustice, violence, intolerance, etc. The question we need to ask ourselves is - "Can I do Better". Better than the norm, better than the expected, better than our own preconceived notions tell us is standard. Is it more Humane to shoot a suffering animal?? Not in my book, but the argument is one which is debated and wondered about by many. That's why we have to make the decision for ourselves. When Humans are being kept alive by life support alone, or dealing with a debilitating disease or painful sickness, is it better to put them out of their misery?? The question is debated in courts, hospitals and homes all over the world, and I don't think there is a consensus. Well, it's the same with Animals. Every situation has it's own nuances, and we can only judge and act based on our feelings and beliefs of the particular issue at hand. So I would say anyone who tries to come at you with blanket statements is just trying to get a rise, and you can tell them you prefer to deal with Practice, not Theory.
    I once had this hardcore Chaos Punk try to debate me once on my Veganism. We were at an Anrchist Gathering in So. Cal. and there were 20 or so folks gathered around listening to us - Finally the Punk says "well, what would you do if you were starving?", to which I replied, "If I was starving?", "I'd cut your fuchin arm off and eat it. But at this point I don't have to".
    You're going to get a lot of lame questions and confrontations about your diet and lifestyle - just point out you are doing what you can and what feels right.
    But - here's a nice little video about how frustrating the questions can be;

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