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Okay, so I am kind of confused on this subject and please don't think I am ignorant. Personally, I believe you shouldn't throw out your leather goods you had pre-Vegan days. I have a nice handbag that broke but I am going to take it to get it repaired so I can do my part to not pay for production of a new handbag - recycle, recycle, recyle.

Anyway, I am really torn on this and I think I know the answer but I wanted to get your opinions...

If I know someone that is going to throw away their leather purse - would it be terrible of me to take take it to repair it (no new leather) to use and so it doesn't go to waste? What would you do?

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    Posted by louis at 06/25/08 10:56:10

    Hi Katylynn, I imagine some other members will disagree with me, but I agree with you on the matter of not throwing out leather items from pre vegan days. I went from vegetarian to vegan just over a year ago and since that time haven't bought any leather. However, I see no point in throwing away my leather boots I bought before that time, and I have repaired them several times and when they eventually wear out I'll replace with synthetics. Throwing them away in my opinion is just wasteful and doesn't affect supply and demand. Regarding the purse, you could repair it and then give it back.

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    Posted by Tatiana at 06/25/08 14:00:50

    I agree with you Louis. I look at is this way: If you are eating veg out of compassion for animals, will throwing away leather you bought before save any animals? You can't do anything about the past, just the future. If you are eating veg for our environment and sustainability, it is much better to reuse a product than to make a new one (especially since many synthetics are not environment friendly either).

    Like you said, recycle, recycle, recycle!! And if you just can't stand having it around, don't toss it, donate it!

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    Posted by KellyVeganGirl at 06/27/08 18:00:09

    Yeah I don't see a problem with you going to repair the purse since it did cost you money. You can use it until you don't want it anymore and then you can donate it like Tatiana said to like a thrift store.

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    Posted by hoffmans2 at 07/02/08 19:45:25

    I will never forget how delighted I was when I went to Nine West and purchased a completely man-made purse and matching wallet to replace my COACH bag for everyday use. I still have my COACH and use it to match certain outfits...

    The only reason you may not want to keep the leather is the very reason I switched my every-day bag to a non-leather product. I have developed a reputation in my community for being a vegan and I didn't want to be questioned about it over a hand-bag.

    Everyone has his/her own veganism. Mine is about consideration for life more than sustainability so it made sense for me buy something else. Your veganism seems to be about sustainability so use the hell out of that bag and show the world what you're all other words, "you go girl!"


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