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From the "Korea Herald" - Friday, May 8, 2009

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Excerpts -
These are foods that can scarcely be imagined without meat, yet meatless versions filled the table at a vegetarian restaurant in Insa-dong, downtown Seoul, last weekend during a regular Sunday lunch gathering of the Korea Vegetarian Union.
( Han Gwa Chae - )
There has always been interest on what we should eat, but "people are recently more interested in vegetarianism due to the string of food scares," said Lee Won-bok, 40, president of the union.
Vegetarian restaurants in Seoul these days are crowded with people during lunch and dinner time. Some of them are actually non-vegetarians taking an interest in vegetarian dishes, Lee said.
Buddhist temple food, which only uses natural ingredients and no meat, became so popular recently that temple cuisine cooking classes opened throughout the city.
Although health authorities have made it clear that the flu has nothing to do with pigs, many people seem tired of meat.
Vegetarian Society of Korea -

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    Posted by Earthling at 04/30/10 07:51:06

    thanks. i lived in korea from 89-96 & somehow managed to live on veg diet with few options. good to know for whatever reason, but awareness is important about benefits & effects of veganism.

    metta ~ Peace, Light, Joy for all beings.

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    Posted by Peace ... at 05/06/10 19:41:57

    WOW! Great and very inspiring. Thanks for sharing such lovely info.

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    Posted by Peace ... at 05/06/10 20:02:53

    I'm really impressed with Korea.

    Last year, I found some very informative vegetarian info in a free booklet - The Wonderful World Of Korean Food (English & Chinese editions) at Korean Plaza @ Samsung Hub in Singapore that provides Travel Info and promote Korea Tourism etc

    In this booklet, it talks about the simply beauty of Temple Food (Vegetarian of course), Vegetarian Dishes of Korean - The Flavours of Nature and also about Korean Food as a healthy choice ("slow food" and most of the Korean Side Dishes are vegetarian in nature).

    Click this link to see the image of this booklet :

    Such good info is definitely good for veg*n but I guess it is also very useful for Non-Veg*n or Meat Eater to understand more about Korea Food (if I am not wrong, Korea has embark on the journey of promoting Korean Food to the World which started few years back).

    Of course, I love to see more such info, in a way, it brings the experience a step higher.

    Hope to see more other Tourism Industries can be proactive, go that extra mile to create a good service and a whole new world of different experience.

    And if you are travelling to Singapore, you can grab something similar which is FREE - Singapore Vegetarian Food Guide at the Airport Tourist Centres or Tourist Centres in Town.

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