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Is ordinary salt acceptable for vegans to consume?

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    Posted by apple.banana123 at 12/16/11 16:50:10

    I'm pretty sure it is, yes. If it wasn't there would be nothing to eat D:

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    Posted by kshaley at 12/16/11 19:47:42

    Celtic sea salt or a good organic sea salt should be ok. I stay away from iodized salt (regular table salt). It's highly processed and not a good choice if your going to use salt.

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    Posted by Tomzie at 04/03/12 02:35:35

    There is an average of 150 or more insect fragments per 100 grams of wheat. Insecticides or pesticides etc. Many animals are killed for everything you eat.

    Nothing is really vegan, all you can do is try to be vegan by excluding animal products and so on.

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    Posted by Mike4891 at 04/04/12 18:22:36

    *Warning: Graphic*

    That's true. And even articles which contain no materials derived from animals may be manufactured using grease as machine lubricant.
    No individual can separate themselves completely from the cruelty of society, except perhaps if they are super-rich.
    We're going to have to go vegan together as a civilization if it's to be genuine.
    Don't let anyone try to tell you there's anything wrong with collective action, because we do it anyway. Only question is whether we are going to be deliberately civilized or just let our civilization be controlled by habit.

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