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I have been having a real hard time being vegan in Indiana due to the lack of respect that the people out here have for differences. I get made fun of sometimes and even my family questions me ..
I even had to eat "normal" once because my family wouldn't buy me vegan food for a while and it kinda was recently... I feel guilty when I consume animal products.. Anyone else have these struggles personally? Does anyone else have peer pressure to stop being vegan?

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    Posted by MirandaThompson at 04/12/15 18:53:56

    I've had my parents and my doctor think of me as an idiot because of my diet. I held strong to my beliefs and I don't eat meat or animal products simply because they don't agree. It's easier for me because I have a car and a job, so I can go purchase the food I need. Is there any way you could get a part-time job so you can afford your own groceries? Or at the very least, talk to your parents about your decision. Try to be very loving and calm. Explain your situation and try to see things from their point of view. For example, begin by saying, I know my diet may seem crazy to you and you're probably concerned about me and want to make sure I'm eating healthy. I would have those same concerns if I was in your position. I've read several ( books, articles, blogs ) about getting the proper nutrition while eating vegan. You raised me to eat my vegetables and now I'm going to be getting even more of it. I would like to buy some groceries and we can make a family meal out of it. This way you're being kind, respectful, and mature. They are much likelier to agree to it when you see it from their point of view, and you don't immediately begin arguing. Try to stay as calm as possible. If you have a twitter, I have a channel @saladwarriors if you want more advice(:

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    Posted by VeganGurl123 at 04/12/15 21:47:38

    Thanks for your advise! I am actually in the process of getting a part time job and also going to be in drivers ed soon! Im very excited because my vegan world will open up soon, I realize yea its gonna be a loong wait to get out of this crazy cycle of having my parents mentor my groceries but, you know it will change..
    And I do think they accept it somewhat..
    And Im sorry that your parents and doctor think your an idiot but, Psst: You will out live all of them so..

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    Posted by Akando at 04/16/15 02:17:29

    Hello VeganGurl Yet turning into a veggie lover, for me and for some others, is the least demanding thing on the planet.In the event that you are fanatically dedicated to meat (and I was at one time, so I comprehend), you may not be intrigued. On the off chance that you as of now eat healthy, or you're not intrigued by your wellbeing, you may not be intrigued.

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    Posted by Average.Joe.5 at 07/12/15 17:14:24

    I don't have a difficult time being Vegan/Herbivorous myself at all. What I 'really' have a difficult time with is dealing with all the Carnivores that roam the streets.

    Time taken in pulling away from the malignant darkness that is the Carnivorous 'death'-style, it really has been made apparent to me just what sort of abominable, hideous devils Carnivores really are. A video by Gary Yourofsky from Youtube said it himself, and it really unveiled a curtain after he said it, as it really opened up my eyes to a terrible blind spot that I had so foolishly been living with for much too long.

    Saying "we must be the devil to animals" "there is no doubt the animals must look at us like two-legged devils".

    It is very true. Very often I wake up having terrible regret for ever having been one myself, and am in a deep state of shame and remorse for such actions, and sometimes feel like I am waking up to a waking nightmare. The world has been drowning in dark, malignant energies from this horrible holocaust against innocent lives, as they and I all wish to live our lives in peace and happiness.

    Why the murder? Where did it come from? Why am I living in a world filled with so much evil?

    It is extremely frustrating and extremely stressful. One Vegan girl even mentioned in a video about most meat-eaters, in how they fall into one of two categories. Either you are horribly ignorant of what you are eating and how it got onto your plate. Or you are fully aware of what you are eating and the torture/murder of innocent lives that takes place in producing it, in which case means you are a psychopath.

    Supposedly I fall into the category of being ignorant, but I am not sure how to speak on behalf of years back. Past lives? I am still confused about it. I live in immense regret for ever having been a devil of a Carnivore and am in deep desire to go back and never have been one. The guilt and shame associate with having been an abominable monster of a carnivore has left me traumatized and hating myself very deeply for it.

    I feel extremely alienated and uncomfortable around others these days because almost every time I look at someone these days I see the faces of devils, considering most of them are contributing to the waking nightmare of the murder of billions of innocent lives every year, quite likely the greatest holocaust this world has ever known.

    It is a nightmare of a disaster on this planet and I am very stressed and worried about it. The population where I live in quite dense with Carnivores and I often feel very cramped and even suffocated with it. I despise these Carnivores so severely, many of them do not seem to realize their own devilry and often give me stupid looks or expressions, and I wish so severely for a world without any Carnivores or Parasites whatsoever.

    I hate myself for ever having been one and hate myself for being around the kind of snake venom of carnivores who only seem to wish to lure me back into the pit of self-destructive darkness that is the Carnivore 'death'-style.

    In the ways of righteousness and good-will, what am I to do about this?

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