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Hey it's Carisa, 15 from the uk

I feel bad because I always ask my mum if I can be vegan but she says i'm stupid and she needs to buy really expensive stuff to meet my protein needs. That kinda sucks but I keep telling her that I don't need meat and dairy in order to survive and that plant protein is way better for my health..

she thinks cus I'm just a teen I don't know nutritional stuff and cus I'm growing I shud get my protein straight from meat. She nearly always gets mad at me.. I keep telling her I don't want to put animal products in my body.. but I feel troublesome to her because she says I'm being selfish and a guilt tripper and that I need to appreciate my food.. I kind of understand where she's coming from. There's like animal products in nearly everything that's easy to get ur hands on.

But how do I get the message across that I really don't like the idea of consuming animal products because they factually may not be beneficial to my health plus it's an innocent cute being I just cannot eat its flesh. Why do people get so angry at me. I don't preach or swear etc I just keep calm and silently cry when I consume the poor animals' stress hormones.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 04/01/16 05:02:58

    Your situation is very common. People in western culture tend not to listen to the young or the old.

    From your mom's point of view she hears only your "opinion". I'd suggest telling her about the Physicians' Committee for Responsible Medicine, or any of the almost countless books on vegan diet AND philosophy.

    One of the most convincing books IMO is John Robbins' "Healthy at 100" which may well be at your local library.

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    Posted by Carisa at 04/01/16 10:50:58

    Yeh I guess it'd be easier when I grow up :(

    I'll consider your books they sound interesting thanks!... though I feel I can't get my mum to understand anyhow right now the pain I feel and the facts she keeps denying

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    Posted by Carisa at 04/01/16 10:59:17

    It really annoys me when someone.. (like my Mum) lol cannot understand that just cus I'm a teen that doesn't mean I don't know some things!
    I wonder how to get the message across to people that some things are simply facts .. that health is more 'likely' to be risky when consuming a lot of animal products and that there is a global impact on the environment from animal agriculture... gee I just care that's all why is that seen as a crime??

    Without seeming like I'm forcing 'views'??? She keeps telling me off for saying my 'stupid opinions'... although there are times when she considers me just to be a caring person and hugs me tight saying 'I understand you... I'll try and help you eat less animal products'.. that's when I feel bad it's like I'm such a guilt tripper and being selfish by my food choices:/

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    Posted by QuothTheRaven at 04/02/16 06:40:26

    Yes, this is a very common misconception. It's hard for younger people to get their parents to understand. I suggest getting her to watch movies like Forks Over Knives or finding plant based books for her to read from your local library. Protein is in nearly everything and most people are getting way more than they need. It doesn't have to be expensive. Beans and lentils are extremely cheap and you can make your own burgers or "meatloaf" from them. Nuts and seeds are a little more expensive but are a fantastic source of protein. Just keep talking to her and maybe she will come to her senses. xox

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    Posted by Dorothy32 at 04/15/16 06:03:40

    I'm 32 years old and I haven't told my husband I have become vegan ( he thinks I'm on a 'diet') because I don't want to listen to his 'crap' So I can only imagine how you feel.

    As a mother myself I can also imagine what your mom feels. She is doing what she thinks is best, she doesn't know any different.

    Is it possible for you to buy cook and make your own meals? Maybe make a grocery list, research the prices and show it to her so she can see how inexpensive it would be to add a few of your types of food to your cart? Or just casually ask her to pick a few things up for you and you can cook it yourself?

    Good luck!

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    Posted by vtorress23 at 04/16/16 10:57:32

    Such a common issue! Unfortunately, not everyone is as informed or willing to be informed making it very difficult to convince others that the vegan lifestyle is what's best of our health, the animals, and the planet. I'd say keep pushing and have her watch documentaries like Forks Over Knives or showing her research by doctors (such as Dr. Esselstyn, Dr. McDougall, Dr. Campbell) who promote this lifestyle, your mom is more likely to be convinced if the information is coming from Doctors rather than what she thinks is just your "teenage research." If she's still not convinced, just take the next step and start preparing your own meals. Beans, rice, and potatoes are just about the cheapest food items you can buy, and all excellent vegan staples! Once she sees that this is something you are dedicated to and passionate about, she won't fight you so hard. Good luck!

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    Posted by Thalassa4 at 04/18/16 18:15:23

    Expensive? I wasn't aware beans, lentils, peanut butter and tofu or soy milk were "expensive." The only thing that might cost more are mock meats and cheeses, or mayo, but you can limit those to keep costs reasonable. Little bags of sunflower seeds aren't expensive either, and make good snacks.

    Try to learn bean and tofu recipes, just simple stuff like tacos or burritos with beans, lentil stews, Buddha bowls with roasted chickpeas and veggies and a grain with a sauce, and tofu with simple marinades like teriyaki to keep her from complaining about the costs of mock meats so much.

    I've recently learned that jackfruit really is wonderful as a substitute for tuna or pulled pork, but don't know how simple it would be to prepare at home, haven't done that yet.

    Good luck!

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