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hi, i'm dodo,
just registered so i figured i should come here and say few words about myself.
born in 1988. and raised as meat eater in strictly meat eating environment which Croatia is.
i was always leaning to the alternative side with almost everything in life.
5 or six years ago i was experimenting with vegetarianism and lived 5 months as ovo-lacto vegetarian.
at that time i didnt really think about animal suffering, i just did it for experiment.
that idea wasn't clear but still it was living in me.
a year ago my consciousness evolved enough to got me thinking and to make difference between my ego and ME, i realized everything in this world is wrong.
at that point, the least thing i could do is to go vegan which i did.
transition from meat eater to vegan was sudden and painless because my will was strong and i swore i will never again be part of hell that meat eating cause.
year later i'm still happy vegan and completely different person then i was before when i mocked vegans and calling them bad names and so....
yep i was one of those guys.

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 01/28/14 08:46:35

    Hi dodo,
    Thank you for sharing your story with us. You made quite a transition... from being one of "those guys" to being completely vegan. You are awesome! So glad to have you in the community.


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    Posted by dodo at 01/28/14 09:39:44

    thank you :)

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    Posted by trinitybourne at 02/06/14 05:23:07

    Hi dodo,
    It's awesome to hear that you transitioned to a vegan way after waking up. I went vegan about 20 years ago after a powerful spiritual awakening... my eyes opened wide to what was really going on and I turned vegan over night (never looking back).
    Happy Cow is an excellent resource, so I am really pleased that you found it too.
    Warmest wishes for your continued vegan journey.

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    Posted by dodo at 02/06/14 13:47:25

    thanks alot :)

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