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I have been, wanted to be veggie for a long time but my mum always made me eat meat (chicken) and i dont want to anymore. I feel really bad and i LOVE animals so i think its time for me to become a veggie. I need some advice,

How should i go about making the change and are there any good replacment foods? I dont mind just cutting out! Can i still drink diet coke?

Oh yeah i dont want to eat fish anymore either, but i do love eggs(i get free range anyway they are good right?) and milk and cheese (do i need like free range milk and cheese, if yeah what types? i have never seen any, i usually get cravindale(sp) milk.

Thanks for looking

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    Posted by mkbehr at 09/14/07 15:01:45

    Ewww. That is gross about Diet Coke. Never head that one--I just know that some of the artifical sweetners do major numbers on your system. But there is a lot of debate on whether diet sodas are really that much healthier than regular.

    As far as going veg. The best way that I have found is to just try and eliminate the meat from your favorite dishes. You don't even necessarily need to replace it with a "meat-like" product.

    I've recently gone veg and am doing pretty well. I'm doing it more for the health reasons than anything--and in some ways for animals. After reading several books on going veg and how animals are treated (which seriously made me want to barf) I've never looked back. Good luck!

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    Posted by Stevie at 09/14/07 08:00:35


    Try this

    Best wishes,

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    Posted by pekmez at 09/13/07 17:44:45

    You dont need any replacement foods, as I know, meat is not needed in your body. You can buy stuff that taste like meat, but why when meat is tasteless anyway. Albumin is what you need from meat, but there is too much in meat, so it gets unhealty. Albumin you can find in vegetables and cereals, specially in beans, peas, walnut. Soya and avocado have all 8 albumin that you need. Anyway, meat have to much albumin wich prevents body to transfer the other vitamins and stuff that is needed to your body, and in that case deases happen.

    About diet coke, I think on this forum they said cocacola uses fish to flavour.

    Fish eggs arent vegeterian.

    Milk is vegeterian.

    Some cheeses are, but some use animals stomach parts to fix chees, so you need to check if its vegeterian cheese, like in veggie shops, and there is a soya cheese called tofu.

    If you want to be vagan, that is without any animal product, without milk cheese, eggs and stuff, because you need this in your body, as I know, you need to take some suplements.

    Thats what I know. I hope i helped. I asume somebody will say something too. Welcome to happy living!

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    Posted by pekmez at 09/20/07 17:25:08

    I was talking about Cocacola drink in general, not just about Diet coke. They say Aspartam, artificial sweetener put in diet cokes, some gums "good for theeth" and stuff are very bad for your health.

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    Posted by Tatiana at 09/21/07 16:21:54

    animal friend,

    If you would like to make sure you are going about being vegetarian in a healthy way (sounds like you're going for ovo-lacto vegetarian)I would highly suggest talking to your healthcare provider and if possible seeing a Registered Dietitian. There is a lot of information out there online and word of mouth, and while a lot of it is good information, a lot of it is incorrect, including some in this thread (not that anyone would provide incorrect information on purpose but often what they have heard is wrong).

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    Posted by Tatiana at 09/21/07 16:26:48

    Just wanted to note that there IS a lot of good information in this thread, I didn't want to make anyone think I was bashing them or anything. ^_^

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    Posted by pekmez at 09/23/07 12:11:39

    OK, say whats wrong and help us Tatiana.

    Some vegans here? It's true you have to take suplements, right? So what kind of are they, natural or sinthetic?

    What is the difference between battery eggs and free-range eggs?

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    Posted by Tatiana at 09/23/07 14:17:54

    I wouldn't necessarily say you HAVE to take supplements, but yes, it is much more difficult to get everything you need from a vegan diet unless you work very diligently. I mostly recommend to my vegans to take a regular multivitamin (this will have 100% of things like B12) and possibly a calcium and/or iron depending on the person and their particular needs. And people may need a supplement based on their case, too. As far as the type of supplement, that is up to the person. As long as it's a reputable company and contains all the major vitamins and minerals in a safe dosage it should be fine.

    Battery eggs come from battery hens which are kept in cages and free-range eggs come from free range hens which are legally supposed to have some outdoor access. Free range does not mean cruelty-free, however.

    When it comes to diet and what you eat, different things are important to different people. I think the most important thing is find what's important to you personally and go with it. Once you've what this is, you can ask a professional to make sure it's safe and help in certain areas, such as the questions about the eggs and whatnot.

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    Posted by emama at 09/24/07 12:21:31

    Hi There guys!!
    i just wanted to give some advice on talking to your mom, since you said that she has always made you eat it, i think if you express your feelings on the issue strongly enough then the people in your life will understand and may even help you out , people make this change for many different reasons and there reasons are some times shown by what they choose to eat or what kind of veggie they become =)i agree with all the wizdom above my responce,i think eat what you feel comfortable with,and dont let anyone knock you for what your doing! i truley believe the greatest influence to others is by example =)when i first started dating my husband he aet things i would not even dream of and now on his own he has changed his diet completly! so good luck & hang in there !!

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    Posted by sofie at 09/25/07 15:50:46

    Dining in a meat-eating household:

    You can have canned peas / chickpeas / beans instead of meat, they are pre-boiled so you can eat them cold or heated, and add spice if you like.

    Also, you can add nuts and seeds to your meal.

    Try frying pieces of tofu or sliced vegetables.

    Good luck! You can do it :)

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    Posted by toxiegirll at 09/26/07 05:59:52

    I am vegan and I don't regularly take supplements and I do just fine. I am not lacking any vitamins or minerals. But when I do choose to take a supplement I get vegan supplements at whole food stores, i'm sure you can order them offline as well. Silk soymilk has vitamin and mineral enriched soy milk if you need a little extra boost as well, and you don't just have to drink the milk, it works great in lots of recipes. I just think if you really want to help animals and help yourself vegan is the way to go. And I am not trying to offend any vegetarians by that statement, I congratulate anyone making an effort to better the living conditions of animals and themselves.

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    Posted by pekmez at 09/27/07 13:32:43

    I check the Faq and it turns out vegan dont need to take supplements, rather they have to worry about B12 and take it from vegetebles fermented with milk acid, beer from cereals, picked cabbage, herbs. They say in the pregnancy vegans should check and maybe take supplements if they need it.

    But it is known that supplements are bad for your health. Im not saying you should stop being vegan. Well done for vegans. Supplements are not real food, so its bad at the start, they cant be absorbed fully, so the rest os if goes in your bones, and thats the part of the reason why there is so much osteoporoses and bone problems.

    So in your country do they make difrence between those 2 type of eggs?

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    Posted by pekmez at 09/27/07 13:40:29

    I mean supplements arent living things, they are sinthethic, only natural food is living food, healthy food. Like water is living thin.

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    Posted by pekmez at 09/27/07 15:45:49

    What really should you do when youre vegan, i dont mean what not to eat, i mean how to have all your body needs, what are you guys doing?

    And what is the diference between regular and soya milk, i mean in content?

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    Posted by toxiegirll at 09/27/07 20:59:17

    A BIG misconception is that you need animal products like meat and dairy to get your nutritional needs but that is absolutely NOT true. Fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, have all the nutrients you need as long as you balance your diet right, just read the nutritional label on the things you buy and you will see how much of each vitamin or mineral is in it, also there are foods fortified with extra vitamins and minerals. If you go to the link it should help expalin the difference between cows milk and soy milk.

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    Posted by Tatiana at 09/27/07 21:03:17

    Well I was about to answer but I toxiegirl gave some good info You just want a varied diet.

    Also, I do agree that the best source of nutrition is food, not supplements, as you stated. Also, there are so many things in food that we still scientifically do not fully understand or maybe things we don't even know about! Besides, food tastes way better than a pill!

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    Posted by toxiegirll at 10/01/07 05:05:48

    thanx tatiana:)

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    Posted by greenlover at 10/01/07 06:01:38

    Hi animal friend,
    I would like to share here, unfortunately, there is no specific replacement meal for vegetarian. But here is the golden rules- "You won't have imbalance nutrition if you are not picky." Such as more usable protein can found in tofu or soybeans!

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    Posted by Tom at 10/05/07 22:50:40

    >>they have to worry about B12 and take it from vegetebles fermented with milk acid, beer from cereals, picked cabbage, herbs.

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    Posted by Tom at 10/05/07 22:55:28

    My above post had much more info but was cut short for some bizarre reason. Anyway, I was talking about Nutritional Yeast, the vegan power-food that is often overlooked. The Red Star "T6635 veg support formula" variety contains B-12 and a load of other nutrients, and with it's cheezy/nutty flavor tastes great. We sprinkle it on popcorn, pizza, pasta, salads and such daily. It can usually be found, or ordered from natural foods stores. Just make sure it's the T6635 variety, not the NBC600, as the 6635 definitely contains the B-12. Nutritional yeast needs to be promoted far and wide to ensure healthy happy vegans for life.

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    Posted by Tatiana at 10/06/07 01:43:07

    Goji Berries are also a great source of high quality vegan protein ^_^

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    Posted by paragonx at 10/18/07 09:13:24

    Tom - can you tell me what the Red Star T6635 veg supplement is made from? I am leery of supplements and like to eat as naturally and organic as possible. I am very concerned about getting enough of B12 but can not seem to find a natural way of getting it.

    Thanks for the input and any help in this matter.

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    Posted by pekmez at 10/28/07 18:12:30

    Thanks guys for answers.

    So do you have in your countries, tell me where, on eggs packs what it is free range or other? Im from Serbia, there is vegeterians here and vegans, but with that eggs type Iwas not familiar with.

    What is silk soya milk?

    Tom thats what I said. What the?

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    Posted by pekmez at 10/28/07 18:16:45

    Jesus Christ is vegeterian, in his days as man on earth, I think, it was easier to have milk and eggs cruelty free and I am missing that time.

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