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I'm a teenager and I've been wanting to go vegan as soon as I heard about it and watched a few videos/documentaries about it. My parents won't let me go vegan as they think it is the most stupid idea in the world, no matter how many times I try to explain its principles to them. This year, I finally was allowed to stop eating red meat which I do think is an improvement- at least I'm taking baby steps! As well as becoming interested in vegan and cruelty-free living, I've been starting to adopt a much healthier lifestyle. I used to be pretty obsessed with milk chocolate, nutella, cookies etc, and for a few months now I've been avoiding junk food like the ones I've just listed and I've been eating a lot more protein, fruit and vegetables. This is making my parents FREAK OUT!!! They're starting to think I'm anorexic and that I will never grow properly, that veganism is having such a negative influence on my life and they just will not leave me alone. Every second of the day they're trying to stuff something down my throat and they tell me I don't eat enough at all (so not true, I eat more than my older sister I just eat the right stuff instead of junk now and I've always been petite with an extremely fast metabolism). I 'm not exaggerating, my mother literally forced me to eat a chocolate bar the other day...she forced me to eat milk chocolate against my will because I "was acting anorexic as I didn't eat much junk/buttery/non-healthy foods anymore". I honestly feel like my entire family is attacking me and they don't understand me AT ALL!! I just want to be healthier, and all they do 24/7 is scream at me and tell me as often as they can that the decisions I'm taking are idiotic. I just cannot take it anymore. All i want is for them to give me a chance at explaining my decisions and plans and stop putting me down so much. I've had enough of being scremed at and critizised for eating healthy and for eating intiutively - they just don't understand and I can't stand having to battle with my parents and grandparents and sibling and friends so much and so often...Anyone got any advice?

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 02/19/17 09:34:26

    Study the vegan diet until you are 18:

    Find out about nutritional yeast, synthetic vitamin B12 sublingual drops, find out about Plant Based D3 available at Puritan's Pride. These are necessary vitamin supplements to go vegan. Find out about the different vitamins available in different plants.

    Find out how to cook vegetables correctly. Find out about raw vegan food. Find out about the need for starch without which vegans get diarrhea.

    Find out about vegan shoes, vegan clothes, organic cotton shirts from S.O.S. from Texas. Find out about free trade clothes. Find out about the cat fur and dog fur trade that lines winter hoodies. Learn to read all clothing labels and find out which textiles are vegan and which ones are not. Find out about silk and why it is not vegan.

    Find out about which cars have no cloth interiors available so you will not have to ride in one. Find out about vegan furniture and ask if chairs are made of leather and choose not to sit on them.

    Find out about vegan toothpaste, vegan shampoo, vegan creme rinse, vegan make up and vegan face cremes.

    Find out about medical herbalogy and acupuncture. Find out how virtually all medicine, surgery and dental work can be done vegan with the exception of steroids which have replacements.

    Learn yoga, Tai Chi, and Kung Fu. Learn meditation and study Buddhism, Hinduism, Jain philosophy, Taoism, and Confucianism. Read Genisis 1:29 from the Bible.

    Learn how to make smoothies and how to juice.

    Learn how to make Dhal, curry vegetables and chutney. Learn how to make vegetable Momos. Find out where all the local vegan restaurants are. Learn from all different ethnic vegan cuisines and find recipes so you can make these things at home. Learn how to cook with a wok, a dehydrator, and a blender.

    Find vegan friends and learn astrology so you can later pick a good vegan boyfriend who is the right astrological sign and is your age when the time is right.

    Watch YouTubes on the topic of vegan, vegan recipes and other vegan topics. Learn about calories and nutrition. Read books on the vegan way of being and when school projects permit, choose vegan topics to present. Talk with your friends and family about the vegan way because the conflicting views they have, many people have, so you need to get used to it.

    Read all food labels and find out which additives are vegan which ones are not. Find out about organic vegan foods. Find out about GMOs.

    Go to Web sites like VRG, PETA and get educated online.

    Do all of this first.

    It will make you a more educated vegan who will do it right and will do it for the rest of your life.

    During this process your parents may change their view, otherwise begin at 18.

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