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Hey guys! We made LIMITED EDITION "I don't eat meat" t-shirts! Need your oppinion, tell us what do you think about t-shirt design and what could be improved.

Here are link:
Buying t-shirt, you donate for kids charity!

Have a wonderful day guys! :)

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    Posted by LaurieShanon at 10/22/16 21:48:22

    NEW Shirts at:

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    Posted by Griffin001 at 06/16/17 11:02:58

    Great Idea of this Tshirt. I need it to wear in Vegan Pared. I also have printed some Vegan Tshirts by design it on online portal of raftshirt. find intresting work on RafTshirt Also.

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    Posted by happah10 at 07/01/17 00:02:30

    Here's some others.

    "Don't tell me why I need to eat chicken periods."
    "Don't tell me why I need to drink bovine mammory secretions"
    "Frinds don't let friends eat bee vomit"

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    Posted by danielhenry at 07/01/17 20:04:44

    LOL, "bovine mammory secretions."

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    Posted by danielhenry at 07/01/17 20:04:50

    LOL, "bovine mammory secretions."

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    Posted by JohnSmith75 at 07/04/17 13:23:44

    It looks so nice ;) good job!

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