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I am vegan for about a month now, and my family is still judging me, though I eat whatever I want to eat. They always say something mean.
I explained them the thousands of reasons why I am vegan but it seems that all the time they forget.
My friends are pretty much nice to me. But, they kind of tell me things like 'can you make an exception' and so on...
So I was wondering how do you act when people are telling you not to be vegan or that kind of stuff ?
Sorry for the mistakes & I am 15 y.
Thank you so much :D

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 05/26/16 04:17:17

    With the torrent of brainwashing advertising by the meat and dairy industries, especially over the past forty years, it's understandable why many people (including many health professionals) are resistant (blind?) to the truth.

    Plus, people believe want they WANT to believe, which is eating what they've been trained to eat since infancy.

    Sometimes you can get through to people by citing experts (books, etc.), but often it's not worth the effort and we must just ignore the crude and rude comments of others...

    My favorite response is, "I have four basic reasons for choosing a vegan lifestyle." If they ask what those reasons are, I give them accurate info. If they don't ask, that's their problem...

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    Posted by monaveggie at 05/26/16 08:20:01

    Thank you for your answer ahimsa, I think you are right the only thing we can actually do is ignoring the mean comments :)
    By the way, your answer is pretty much great, I like it !
    Wish you lots of happiness

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    Posted by gmr24 at 07/16/16 17:05:22

    Many people simply do not understand anything about the vegan lifestyle and you can't make them the best thing you can do is educate them about your beliefs and if they still don't understand then just accept it

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    Posted by Emily_Rose at 08/09/16 12:11:14

    I have a couple of options how to deal with misunderstanding.

    I cook something very tasty for meat-eaters and their reaction is always he same 'never thought than vegan food can be that tasty'. Many people believe that vegan food is boring, always the same, but we know that it is not true at all.

    I think in your case the right thing to do would be to give your parents time. You are a vegan for one month and they need time to get used to it.

    Meanwhile, you can find a friend who will support your decision and try to be vegan with you. It is always better to start a new thing with like minded people who will back you.

    Good luck!

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