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Hey everyone, I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. I am new to the forums, and my name is Carl. I work for True Protein as the customer service manager, and we are in the process of expanding our vegetarian and vegan protein and supplement options to better suit this growing community. HappyCow has been an excellent resource for knowledge and feedback that we have referenced for years, and we now wanted to begin participating to offer our own extended experience in the market of vegetarian and vegan protein powders. I look forward to chatting with everyone online, and please feel free to reach me with any particular questions or requests pertaining to the company or our products!

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    Posted by FionCon at 11/08/11 08:46:50

    Psyched to see True Protein on this site! Tough being vegan and a gym addict, but your Gemma Pea Protein rocks - especially with your Dutch Chocolate would be great if you guys could come up with some blends too for us vegans, just sayin ;)

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    Posted by CNizz at 11/08/11 14:21:48

    Thanks for the welcome FC, we actually just released two Vegan blends made just for you, the Vegan Protein Optimizer and the Vegan Wholefoods Meal Replacement, both of which can be found in the Pre-Mix Solutions section. I am working on several other new formulas for the coming months, but if you have any ideas or requests, please let us know! My next focus will be on quinoa and buckwheat, trying to find some cutting edge protein options. We will also have a new banner here to support HappyCow which should be showing up any day now! Thanks again for the continued support.

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    Posted by CharlotteRusse at 11/10/11 09:43:15

    Are these organic, please? Also, where can I buy them in the UK? Thanks

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    Posted by AndreaPruitt at 11/10/11 21:15:56

    I bought your Vegan Protein Optimizer in Mocha Java flavor - YUM! So glad to have found a vegan protein that actually tastes good!

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    Posted by CNizz at 11/11/11 08:32:06

    Good morning Charlotte and thanks for the message back! These protein materials are certified non-GMO, but while they are often taken from organic sources, they are not certified organic. True Protein sells direct-to-customer online at our website, and we ship into the UK daily. Our international shipping generator occasionally experiences difficulty with international addresses, so you are more than welcome to contact customer service department to place your orders via e-mail or over the phone. Feel free to use discount code "HappyCow" to save 5% off of your future orders as well!

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